Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Muse-ing with Susan

I have met some amazing quilters through Instagram and wanted to share with you one of those lovely people today.  Susan (yardgrl60) is a prolific and very talented quilter and one of the nicest people I've met on IG.  Recently she showed a picture of the vintage quilt, above, and how she recreated it.  I asked for a tutorial and because she doesn't have a blog (yet-I'm whining loudly) I am sharing it with you.  Below you will find a series of self-explanatory pictures that show how to make the block.  For Susan's finished (and gorgeous) quilt please go to her Instagram feed - yardgrl60.  It is stunning and is named Muse-ing!  For more about Susan see below...

Block finishes at 11.75"  

Susan was born and raised in Florida and currently lives in Jacksonville.  She has been happily married for 32 years with 5 children.  Her very first quilt was made in 1984 and was a Christmas tree skirt which she still uses. The next quilt was made in the 90's and she was hooked!  Susan is a self taught quilter and also does beautiful needlework.  Her favorite fabric designer at the moment is Fig Tree and is drawn to the vintage feel of the fabric.  Her tastes are varied though and she enjoys other designers as well such as Kaffe Fassett and Edyta from Laundry Basket Quilts.  People often think that Susan sews all day long because of the beautiful quilts she turns out regularly but she explains that she is a morning sew-er, getting other things done during the day and enjoys needlework in the evenings.  Please visit her Instagram at yardgrl60 to see her amazing creations!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Back at Home

I had a wonderful week of doing genealogy research in Letchworth, New York with my Mom-in-love and Sis-in-love.  My MIL's Great Grandfather and his family lived in Gibsonville, NY back in the late 1800's to early 1900's.  Gibsonville is now one of the vanished cities, out of five, that are in Letchworth State Park.  The park is called the Grand Canyon of the east and it's quite beautiful.  I still have photos to upload from my phone so I can show you.

I came home to my garden in full bloom.  I still have lots of landscaping to do around this new house but it's fun to take it slowly.  The daylily is new to the garden and is called "Until my sweetheart returns".  I got it for the name almost more than the color!

I got caught up today on my bee blocks.  The first one, the Dutch Pinwheel is for Kerri.  It was a lot of fun to make.  Equally as fun was the block for Missy.  I haven't made a basket block like this before and I really enjoyed it.

This last picture is a Robin's nest that is in one of my hanging baskets.  Not only were there Robin's eggs but also Cowbird speckled eggs in the nest.  I don't know if the Robin's will make it but I hope so.  All that fuzz represents 5-6 birds in the nest all huddled together because of the strong winds we had today.  It's so much fun to watch them!  Have a great day!


Monday, June 23, 2014

Mini Cherrio Quilt

I am on the road again friends.  I will be out all week.  I thought I'd leave you with the image of the mini Cheerio quilt I finished piecing and almost have finished hand quilting.  It is about the size of a placemat and it's for a swap I'm doing.  The pattern is by Camille Roskelley and the fabric is Flower Sugar by Lecien.  The background fabric I had in my stash and don't recall what that is.  I'm quilting it with yellow pearle cotton.  Have a blessed week!  Be back soon!