Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday Recap

It's snowing outside.  I keep trying to remember that we didn't have a hard winter so if it snows a bit in March it's fine.  I don't feel like it's fine.  On the upside, it allows me to get a lot done.  I pulled out a very old work in progress.  Maybe this year I'll get that Chubby Chicks quilt done.  Pattern by Black Mountain Quilts.  I've got 48 chicken legs to embroider, which I believe is what kept me from finishing this all these years.  I also finished the next two blocks in the #happyflowerqal.  I'm going to have to tone it down on the pink or I'm not going to have enough variety in the quilt.  Lastly, I made the next round of blocks for the Make-A-Wish qal (see previous post).  All in all, a very productive week.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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