Friday, April 17, 2015

Color Boost

Spring has been slow in coming to my part of Michigan, or at least it feels like it.  Spring is probably right on schedule.  I've been gravitating to bright colors lately in the anticipation of spring.  I am usually drawn to much softer colors as in the second photo.  My favorite Japanese fabric company, Lecien, sent me their fabulous Modern collection in the bottom photo.  I am working on a couple of quilts to be displayed in their booth at quilt market next month and as free patterns on their website. It has been so much fun!  I had the itch to knit and have been doing that in the evenings.  I love how a new season outdoors inspires my creativity.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Chickens

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter!  We had twelve for dinner and I couldn't be happier.  Even though I kept setting the smoke detectors off, the meal was delicious.  My sis-in-love smoked a ham that was to die for!  The church service was fabulous and I am so thankful for our risen Savior!  I finally got my Tom Turkey quilt finished.  It was a free block pattern on Instagram from Lori.  The blocks were made using my scrap basket.  I love the colors.  I also love the cute chick fabric I used for the backing.  I didn't want to tuck it away just yet for Thanksgiving so I'm calling it my Spring Chicken quilt.  I so love the colors of spring and have decided to leave the Easter decorations out a while longer.  Spring may be taking awhile to get here outside, but it has arrived inside!