Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Bee In My Bonnet

Many quilters know the designer, Lori Holt, of A Bee in My Bonnet.  For those of you who are new to her company, she is known for her incredible applique and the most amazing patterns.  I have also read on other blogs that she is a wonderful instructor and if given the opportunity to take one of her classes one should run not walk to it.  I entered a giveaway on her blog for her new pattern and I won!

Is this not the most incredible applique quilt you have ever seen?  I must tell you, I emailed Lori and told her I was a bit intimated (actually down-right scared) to attempt this, but she reassured me that her instructions are very detailed and that I could do it.  I really am in awe of her talent.

In addition, as if to calm my fears, she sent me this pattern as well.  This will be much easier to start with and I'm looking forward to the big pieces to get familiar with doing applique.  I recently gave two quilt kits to my Mom that were applique that I had purchased and became overwhelmed by and I believe if I had this one to start with I would have been much better off.  Lori has a cute blog with tons of inspiration.  Be sure to take a peek!



  1. That little fall quilt is so cute and it looks like a fun way to get started. The first one is truly amazing.

  2. Yeah for you winning the pattern!! Yippee!! :) I have seen her blog and her quilts. Oh my goodness are they wonderful!! I am with you...I am not sure if I could do one or not. But, how kind of her to reassure you that you can do it! :) Can't wait to see it when you get it done.

  3. Oh you lucky girl! I am in awe of this quilt. When I first found Lori's blog my mouth actually dropped open when I saw the this beautiful design. It is just amazing! I do hope you are going to try it, I would love to see what fabrics you choose and how yours would turn out:>)

  4. oh I love them! I am also very overwhelmed by appliqué, it's something that I love the look of and would love to learn someday

  5. love that first quilt, darling. i wouldn't even know where to begin...


  6. What a cute pattern, but you are right...some intense applique. It may take a while, but good hand work project. I always love having an anpplique project so I can watch TV with hubby some in the evenings.
    The little fall quilt is so cute too. Good way to start.

  7. Hi Renee...
    Thank you so much for the kind words!
    You have such a beautiful blog and I see that we like the same things:)
    It makes me happy to know that you are thrilled with the patterns and I hope you enjoy them!
    Bee in my Bonnet Co.

  8. You will do a beautiful job!! I have no doubt!! :o) Congratulations on your win!! I am so happy for you!! :o)

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