Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Little Fall

I was starting to feel a little guilty that my home doesn't have one lick of a fall decoration in it, so I thought I would hang a quilt I made a few years back on the far wall of the kitchen, away from the pink and aqua retro theme I've got going.

Oh, how I love a nine-patch block.  There is just so many possibilities.  I do love the black in this quilt.  Just noticing how my pumpkins look a bit too round...

Loving my autumn cookbook by Susan Branch as well.  Maybe I'll rustle around in the storage room for a few more decorations.  Fall is here for such a short time, I'll have pink and aqua all winter!  Blessings...



  1. Darling quilt! & I don't think the pumpkins are too round at all.:)
    Not much fall at my house yet, either. I love fall, don't like Halloween, & I see so much Halloween out there. Maybe today, I will put away the geraniums & haul some out :)

  2. What a darling quilt...I don't think the pumpkins are too round...They look just right. I love Sarah Branch.

  3. Typo...I meant SUSAN :) Don't know what I was thinking.

  4. Your pumpkin quilt is the perfect fall accessory!! :o) And your pumpkins are just so adorable - not too round at all!!
    What a lovely book to look at and flip through the pages. :o)
    I hope you have a wonderful day friend.
    Sincerely - Trish

  5. Cute pumpkin quilt. Your pumpkins are great.
    I just bought the Autumn cookbook. I love it along with anything Susan Branch. Love her website.

  6. I think your pumpkins are very cute; I wouldn't change a thing.

  7. Beautiful quilt! I just started "trying" to add a little Fall color too...:)
    Susan Branch's artwork is fun to view all year round!!


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