Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's Thoughts

This morning finds me listening to the sound of the furnace.  I broke down last night and turned it on.  The thermostat read 59 degrees inside the house and we couldn't take it anymore.  Upon awakening, the temperature outside registered at 37 degrees and so with the sound of the furnace, fall officially starts at our house.

Firing up the furnace signals the fall planting season.  Time to visit the nursery down the road and pick out all the pretties to brighten my day next spring.  The possibilites are many but I know I will remain true to pink tulips, purple, white and pink hyacinth, and a variety of daffodils.

While I'm at the nursery I will also pick up paperwhite bulbs for forcing.  They will be planted mid to late November in various containers ready to bloom during the holiday season.  They are so easy to force and smell heavenly.

My thoughts keep coming back to Max lately.  I remember how much he loved fall.   There was always new smells in the leaves.  I'd ask him if he was getting the "news of the day".  I love this picture of him taken last year, such a handsome fellow.  Summer is soon but a memory, as well as our dearly departed pets, but thank you Lord for the blessing they both were.

With joy,


  1. Fall is officially here in Southwest Wisconsin with the wood stove burning. I have never done bulb forcing. I just might have to give it a try.
    Your Max was handsome. I'm glad you have wonderful memories of him.

  2. We went from using the C/A to the furnace almost overnight a few days ago! We were surprised to see frost on our grass this morning. Thanking the Lord with you for His goodness. Happy planting!

  3. Missing your sweet Max for sure! I am sorry~I hope your nursery visit is lovely and your house warms up!

  4. Your post reminds me that I need to do some digging in and plant a few bulbs too.

    Happy Autumn!


  5. I was very tempted to cut on the heat this morning too, but it was only 69 in my house and there were some windows still open! Love it!

    O precious pet memories...swoons and saddens my heart~ What a joy they are!

  6. Oh my! No furnace here yet, but fall was in the air this morning. I even made a pot of soup.
    Great picture of Max to remember him by.

  7. 59 degrees! You did good - I caved when my house hit 61. Your bulbs will be so pretty next spring....I'm so done with my garden, I can't bring myself to plant anything more. Love your forced bulbs. They'll be so pretty during the holidays.

  8. Thanks for the reminder, I always forget to buy bulbs and then in the spring I am kicking myself. Maybe a few to force too, hmm? I did try paperwhites one year and, goodness, I must have had a different kind than you get, I thought they stunk like roten fish. We couldn't get them out of the house fast enough! lol. They are beautiful though. I always wonder if I got the wrong kind when I hear others rhapsodize about how good they smell.

  9. Fall is the most wonderful time of year. Paperwhites hold a very special place in my heart. We had a bleak winter in our country home the first year (for many reasons other than weather) and when spring finally arrived, I treasured the glorious sight of those delicate Paperwhites shining up from the brown mulch.

    Your blog is so lovely. Glad I happened by today!


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