Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Pretties

I have an unusual Friday Pretty today.  This is my son and he's been on my mind ever since he called last night.  It was one of those calls the Mother of a ball player does not want to receive.  I don't remember most of the conversation before and after I heard, "Mom, I took a ground ball to the forehead tonight."  I realize that it was a good thing that he called and not a coach, or a doctor.   I'm calculating in my head that a 225 pd. twenty-something year old hitting a ball pitched at 89 mph, ricocheting into the ground and my son's forehead.  I squeaked out a "are you alright?"  No stitches, just an incredible goose-egg sized lump/bruise and the makings of a major headache.  I do remember him saying that he was lucky it just missed his eye.  I weakly handed the phone to his father and offered up a thankful prayer to Jesus.

Taylor, who is going to be a sophomore this fall, plays baseball for a wonderful Christian college.  His coach has placed him on a team this summer in New York, far away from us in Michigan.  Though I miss him terribly, it's a great team and he's doing good community service, teaching youths about Christ and growing spiritually himself.  I'm so thrilled with the man he is becoming.  So while my heart aches a bit today and I wish I could see him, I trust that he is where he needs to be.  So he's my Friday Pretty today, cause I think he's pretty special (and pretty cute too!)

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  1. oh my gosh! thank the Lord he is ok!!
    i could just imagine how you felt!
    no that i am a mom i understand what my mom would tell me.. You will know on day when you have kids!!
    so true! :)

  2. What a cute and nice post for friday Ria....

  3. Oh dear! So thankful he is going to be alright. I bet he did have one doosey of a headache. Bless his heart! Happy Friday!
    p.s. Your daughters quilt is beautiful! :)

  4. Very nice post. And I too would be grateful that my son called to let me know what happened. Sometimes they think keeping things from Mom protects us, but of course, you know that only makes it worse when we DO find out. Praying he has a good rest of the summer.

  5. Yes, I agree, his becoming a nice looking man! You must be so proud of him and what he is doing this summer. Very glad he still calls and talks to his mother too!

  6. Renee,

    I'm so glad he is ok! What a handsome boy, you must be very proud of him.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend,

  7. It's so hard when our kids are hurt and they are far away. PTL he is okay. Hang in there mama!

  8. Oh, I am so glad he is okay! How wonderful that he is using his love of baseball to minister to kids!! You must be very proud of your handsome son!

  9. From this mother of sports playing sons...I totally understand. We just went through something with our 21 year old and the 24 year old called and said,"now mom you can't take him back under your know that? He is afraid you will get scared and pull him back in...he is a man now." What wisdom, since that was my thought at that time, and yet, how hard to be a mom!
    So glad he is okay...have fun watching him play ball!!!

  10. Oh my.....I felt my heart go weak just reading your note. I will pray that he continues to heal, and that you find peace. I too have the most wonderful son ( and daughter too...I am blessed). He is married now, they have their first baby, but he still calls me daily just to chat for a minute or two. It touches my heart to know that he wants to stay connected. God is the center of their home too, and I am humbled by that.

  11. Thank the Lord he's all right! I hope he went and had it looked at at the hospital? Happy 4th of July to you and your family:>)

  12. I'm so thankful that he's fine. We never stop worrying, do we? Have a blessed weekend.

  13. Not a call a mom wants to receive. Thankful for your Friday pretty!! Praise God he is OK.

  14. Our children are such a pretty blessing from the Lord! I am so glad to hear that the ball did miss his eye, and that your son is ok. Hopefully the bump will heal quickly.
    It's so hard though being far away from our adult children! We are in California, and our middle daughter is all the way out in Georgia. Too far!! We cherish our together moments, and keep in touch anyway we can...:)
    We leave to go visit her on Sunday!!! We are so excited!!
    p.s. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

  15. I wanted you to see what my daughter wrote you on my blog when you commented about her blog. Was not sure how else to let you see it. ~~elaine

    Renee - Thank you so much for your comment. I am so glad that it spoke to you right where you are. I know that the Lord really put this on my heart to write for today. Thank you for taking the time to give me your feedback. Stacy

  16. My heart goes out to you (and to him)! No mom wants to hear something like this. Glad he is ok.

  17. Good Morning!
    I am so glad he's okay!

    Thank God HE designed our faces to protect the eyes! Hard heads are a good thing :D

    God bless your son as he continues on through his education ... he seems like a wonderful young man!
    ~nice to meet you~

  18. You must be soooo proud of your son!! So glad he is OK!!! Elma

  19. Oh goodness! The momma heart in me feels your concern! :o) So glad that he was the one calling home as well. :o)
    How wonderful that he is serving the Lord in all he does. :o) What a joy to watch our children grow in Him.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia


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