Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Hunky Dory

All of your comments yesterday about the "Kinship of Women" were a balm for my soul.  Thank you!  I have had some time to do a little sewing this week, another balm for my soul.  The quilt above is for my daughter.  She picked out the fabric, "Hunky Dory", and I had strict instructions to keep it as simple as possible (what is she implying?) She wanted to see big fabric pieces and let the fabric do all the talking (even though she doesn't want to quilt yet, she's got the lingo down).  I had two layer cakes, a jelly roll and some yardage of fabric.  I did some big rectangles, squares and threw in a few rail fence blocks for interest (couldn't help myself...)  She loves it and I need to get it off to the quilter.  I'm planning on surprising her with crocheted pillowcases to match. 

I had big plans to sell this pillow at the barn sale but never got it finished.  Clearly my camera is dirty because there is not a spot in the middle of the pillow (I checked, twice).  I found the piece already embroidered and put red gingham fabric on the back.  It's a big pillow, measuring 26x26.  The redwork is amazing, the stitches are so tiny.

The garden is just breath-taking this year.  I keep bringing fistfuls in so I can enjoy them while they are here, before fall comes peeking around the corner.  I was so disappointed to see some fall clothes at the mall the other day.  Really?  It's not even the 4th of July yet.  Maybe that means there will be some good summer sales!



  1. Those colors are so delightful. I so enjoy stopping by. Have a blessed day.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! And, I agree with Miss M, those fabrics are so interesting that they should do the talking. Hee hee She is a blessed girl.

    Your flowers are so Pretty!!!


  3. What a charming quilt that will make. Love the pillow... and that bouquet is heaven in a glass.

    As for fall... I wish we could be lucky here in Southeast Texas and have an early fall. No such luck, I'm afraid. Hot as a firecracker here and will continue for many months.

    I've been wanting to do a post showcasing my many quilts (and their assorted histories), but I think I'll wait until the fall, when it's feeling nippy out there.

  4. That's it, I am starting a simple block quilt tonight, one square at a time won't take long right? Gorgeous quilt, so bright and cheerful. Who does your quilting? The pillow inspires me too. I have a similar redwork piece that will make a nice big pillow and all I want to do is put a monogram in the center. As for fall, I actually saw fall decorating items in a store the other day and I just couldn't even look at all that orange and brown. I had to avert my eyes, blech! Summer just got here!

  5. i'm with your daughter and love the
    big pieces of fabric, because each is
    so pretty!

    your garden must be amazing!!!

  6. i LOVE 4th of july sales too!! :)

  7. I LOVE the quilt!! Elma

  8. I haven't heard "Hunky Dory" used in years...just made me laugh out loud! My mother used that phrase.

    Love your beautiful things...right now instead of stitches I have found another color of spray out everything that is standing still.
    Old table getting a new look,
    Enjoyed...always refreshing,

  9. Love the quilt and I know your daughter will too! It is beautiful!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. The quilt is darling! I think your daughter is right!

    Have a lovely fourth!

  11. Your work is simply beautiful...I do love your quilt...I too like big pieces of fabric on a quilt. That pillow is amazing as well. Hugs for a great evening...I am bunkering down with a cup of tea...a warm bubble bath and a few blogs is rainy and wet. It's Canada Day today and so wanted to go to the fireworks but way too wet and cold...the parade did me in. Hugs. xoxoxo

  12. Greetings Renee, Love the quilt for your daughter-the fabric is delightful and you did a perfect job.
    Making quilts for loved ones is so rewarding! Your flowers are gorgeous as well.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen


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