Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Pretties

As I run around today, putting the final touches on tomorrow's bridal shower, I thought I would share with you the calming shades of blue from my favorite (but now sadly departed) Country Home magazine.  Enjoy!

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  1. Oh how I loved that magazine too...Hope you have a lovely shower! Take pictures...

  2. hello my dear...such serene very, very beautiful.
    Have a happy Rosie

  3. I miss that magazine! Thanks for sharing. Hope the shower goes well.

  4. Ohhh, your images from Country Home are so soft and beautiful and homey and inviting. You just want to sit and sigh, don't you? I would sometimes look through old copies of Country Home and Victoria magazines and cut out pages that I knew I wanted to keep forever. I accumulated quite a pile.

    I really love the quote you have at the top left side of your page. I had never read that one before.

    Praying you have a love-filled week.

    Hugs ....

  5. Love the cool blues! Such refreshing inspiration.

  6. I miss Country Home too. Lovely images. Blue and yellow being my favorite colors, I really enjoyed your "pretties".
    I know your bridal shower will be wonderful. Hope we get to see lots of pictures. Praying for perfect weather for you.

  7. What!N more Country Home? Where have I been! Loved that magazine!
    Grgeous pretties! Hope you have a lovely shower!

  8. Ok, a little spelling difficulty
    It should have said NO more country home and GORGEOUS Pretties;]

  9. Such soft pretty pictures. Blue and white are so soothing together!
    Have the loveliest of weekends!

  10. All of the blue is so pretty and peaceful!
    Have a wonderful time hosting the shower. I am sure that is will be beautiful!

    Thanks for playing Friday Pretties...Very pretty...

  11. Beautiful shades of blue! I just bought pale blue paint for my kitchen today, I hope to get it painted next week. Hope your shower was fun:>)


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