Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beautiful Breezeway

I was visiting my friend, Diane, yesterday and asked her if I could take some pictures of her gorgeous breezeway to show you.  Diane is a very talented lady with an eye for display and the uncanny ability to always find the best treasures when we are out junking together.  She makes beautiful quilts as well and I am always inspired to create after being in her home and spending time with her.

She has a lovely dress form, as I do, that she likes to fancy up with vintage petticoats and velvet.  Diane can find the most unusual hats and has a great collection.  I always love it when she wears one unexpectedly.

I think the black wicker sofa looks fabulous against the pink walls.  Our friend, Jan, is responsible for making the cushions on the furniture and Diane made the cute pillows.

The fabric and trim on this cushion makes me swoon!  I made the pillow for her awhile back.  So fun to see your friends use the gifts you make them.

This darling pink wheelbarrow is one of her latest acquisitions.  I have never seen one like this before.  See what I mean about her ability to find cute things?

I remember being with her when she found this shutter.  She painted it this delicious green and hung it as art - genius!

This picture did not capture the built in magazine rack on the side of this vintage wicker chair.  Quite a unique find.  I remember being on vacation with Diane when she found "Jack".  He will be moved out to the garden when the weather gets nicer.

She has many adorable vintage pictures of children.  The colors go so nicely with all the other decorative items in the room.

I think this puppy print is so sweet.  Diane has 3 doggies of her own and often has her brother's new puppy as well.  They are a loving bunch and I get a kick out of their enthusiasm to see me when I visit.

Diane paints furniture beautifully and this pale lavender side table turned out great!  Aren't the ducks cute?

This decorative shelf is one of my favorite pieces in the room.  I love all the chipped paint!  The colors are amazing reminding me of a vintage porcelain doll.

Diane's husband is a very talented carpenter and has made many beautiful pieces of furniture for my home.  He made this shelf with the door knob hangers.  It is a great focal point in the room.  Thank you Diane for the tour and for allowing me to show your beautiful breezeway!

Be blessed today,


  1. Hi Renee, I can't believe some of the amazing 'finds' you and your friends manage when you visit shops and markets!!! Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to come and help carry your!! Enjoy your week, Jenny

  2. I think you shop at a better quality junk shop than I do!

    And I loved your Cath Kidston post. The vinyl flooring!! She is just so over the top.

  3. So much cuteness, sweetness and gorgeousness in one shop? That's almost unbelievable... ;)

    Have a happy day, dearest Renee! xo

  4. Hmm, I do not see my comment... try it once again... here it come.... So much cuteness, happiness and gorgeousness in one shop! Must be heaven!!

    Have a happy day, Renee! xo


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