Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cath Kidston's Killing Me

I was so busy spending extra time with my son before he headed back to school, that I never got a chance to post yesterday.  It was a very odd feeling, I'm so accustomed to spending time with all of you. Before I get into Cath Kidston, I want to share with you these beautiful tulips I had displayed for Easter.  Something pretty to share before I show you my "attack of the birds"...

From the picture, these cupcakes really don't look so bad.  Cute little birds atop vanilla buttercream with edible grass and jelly beans.  In reality, barely a one got eaten.  I didn't even want to eat them.  Way too much going on with the cupcake and too sweet (yes, there is such a thing).  There is something about green frosting that is really unappealing as well.  I had a flash back to being a room mom in elementary school when my kids were little.  I would make all these elaborate snacks on "my day" and the children wouldn't eat them.  Simple things were best, pretzels, unadorned frosted cupcakes, gold fish crackers.  I'm a slow learner...but it sure makes for a good picture. 

On to Cath Kidston.  She's done it again.  I simply can't stand it.  Would I be a terrible Mother if I raided the college fund for Cath Kidston (don't act like you don't think about such things!)  Honestly, look at that bedding!

I'm almost speechless on this one - vinyl flooring!!!  How beautiful would this be in a bathroom?  I think I would put it in my kitchen.  Who am I fooling, I'd put it in the garage!   

Then we move on to oil cloth and cotton fabric.  Really?  I think I might have to take a moment.

There are no words coming...have I shown you my wallpaper crush?

   Dining Room

Sewing Room


I'm starting to think that it's best that these items are not accessible to me short of robbing a bank going back to work.  I wonder how many t-shirt quilts I would have to sell to afford all this?  A girl can dream though, can't she?

Joyfully dreaming,


  1. I see what you mean. Maybe you could make a cardboard doll house, and you can re-decorate with each new catalogue...lol. I love the cupboard with the fabric stash!! Happy decorating, Jenny

  2. Wow, incredible! I love the sewing room!

  3. First of all- Karen Carpenter! LOVE IT!

    Secondly- That green frosting DOES NOT look unappealing!

    Thirdly- Cath Kidston- I don't even want to talk about it! It is painful to even dream...

    Lastly- Your wall paper is all so pretty!

  4. First the purple tulips are gorgeous!! The cupcakes are so cute, but I understand...I made them (you can see them in my last post) frosted them green and mentioned to my granddaughter that they never get eaten. She bowed her head and said, "Mamaw, we don't like coconut and Jellybeans on our cupcakes". I always think green coconut for grass is so clever. So they stayed just green frosting....still weren't eaten. Next year...no cute cupcakes at all.
    As for Kath, I got the same e-mail. Just wish I had the money to do my guest room up in Kath. So pretty. it definetly says you, Renee.

  5. Great tulips!
    I don't like peeps. If I were to eat one of those cupcakes, I would have had to remove the peep first.

    Cath Kidston....I know, I know. The little, groovy fabric store that serves me locally has a tidbit of CK left from a store that was going OOB. She bought it all and there is still a smidge of fabric, a comforter and a few other things. I've been buying a little bit here and there and sewing with it. It's such fun fabric!
    Maybe you could just order a little something. Ask some friends to go in with you to share the shipping costs. I know the British Pound is double our dollar so it's hard to by it, but maybe just a little treat for being so good???


  6. I'm dreaming right along with you! These are beautiful! Especially the floor coverings!

    My cupcakes were toooo sweet too! Oh well they were pretty and like you said...made a great photo! :)


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