Thursday, April 8, 2010

Miss Potter

I just watched, again, one of my favorite movies, "Miss Potter" the story of Beatrix Potter played by Renee Zellweger.  I love everything about it, from the clothes to the animation and of course the love story.

I have always enjoyed her precious children's books.  Every little creature she draws speaks volumes to me.  I have  had a fascination with mice since I was very small.  This fascination has carried over into a small collection of mice.  I even have tiny mice that roam in my dollhouse in my dining room.

It's about this time of year when I daydream about putting a little play house in my back yard and planting a story book garden, one that Peter Rabbit would be happy to visit.

I love this picture because of the sewing implements.  This little mouse looks perplexed as he studies the patterns, I can relate to that more often than not.

The colors of Beatrix Potter's illustrations are just dreamy.  I have a feeling that it won't be long before the movie is back in my DVD player.  Have a joyful day!



  1. We love Beatrix Potter! I have not seen this movie. I am going to put it in my netflix queue. I love that last illustration. So sweet! Makes me think of snuggling my babies.

  2. I love the illustrations and OMG! i like the way you spend your life in doing majestic creations. I hope you can give one of your masterpieces[just kidding] because they're all AWESOME! keep on doing your marvelous treasures. Godbless and Take care!((:

  3. Love, love, love anything Beatrix Potter. Have picked up one of her books for the grandkids bookcase, but haven't introduced Natie to it yet. Hope she loves these books as much as my girls did when they were small.

  4. I too enjoy the illustrations. Sometimes words aren't needed if you can have the kids look for things in the background, there is so much detail in some of the pics. Don't forget the popcorn for your!! Jenny

  5. Oh how sweet those illustrations are. :o) My husband purchased a brooch for me that a woman made out of a Beatrix Potter plate, it is wrapped in sterling silver, and is of two rabbits dancing. It is my favorite!
    I will need to look into the movie, I did not know it existed. :o)
    I hope you have a lovely day!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  6. I LOVE Beatrix! Next time you are about to pop that movie in give me a call. I would love to join you. I haven't seen it yet.
    Your piano music is so pretty this morning...

  7. This is one of my faves too! And I do like ILLUSTRATED mice...the real ones not so much.LOL!

  8. I did not know about this movie. I am going to look for it. I love Beatrix Potter, her stories and illustrations. Thanks, Renee.

  9. I think I must have seen this movie 3 times or more. I love it more than ever each time I see it! Thank you for the reminder.

  10. I have collected B.P. books for several years at sales I go to and then I cut them up and decoupaged them on a big storage box. It turned out so cute.

  11. I haven't seen that movie yet. That will be my next "home alone girlie movie" when The Hubby is gone! :)

  12. . . . I could hardly believe it when I opened your post today. . . I had just put 'Miss Potter' in my dvd player, & it's just starting as I write this! ♡
    I love Beatrix & her sweet stories & incredible illustrations. . . & the movie. . . oh my! I'm with you - I love everything about it. Sigh. Thanks for posting about her. . . what a fun moment!
    xo, Bren

  13. I loved that movie too! I alway like nice feel good shows!

  14. I haven't seen that one yet, I feel a girls movie night coming this way. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my quilt! Do you have any suggestions for my next one?

  15. I just love Beatrix too and read all of her little storybooks to my children when they were tots. I also love this movie. I think I'll put it on my Netflix (again).


  16. Hello Renne, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I too love the movie and anything to do with Beatrix Potter. Your blog is lovely.



  17. Oh looks like a cute movie and I just ordered it from my library...I love little mice things too.
    I even have some Beatrix Potter printed fabric....I love it so much I have never cut it :0)

    Happy Sewing

  18. I love Beatrix Potter's too!!! I have a couple figureines and books to match from when I was little. Next time you put in the DVD call me too... Maybe we play it during a sewing day.....



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