Friday, December 4, 2009

What's Your Favorite?

Good morning from frosty Michigan! We had our first snow fall last night. It certainly is "beginning to look a lot like Christmas". My friend T0ri over at I'm not in Kalamazoo anymore, posted her favorite Christmas ornaments yesterday. Check out her blog for a real treat! I want to share some of my own with you. I thought I would start by sharing the tree first.

My Mom made this ornament for me when I was little. It was one of those felt kits that were popular back then. I know they still make the kits but I don't think they are as cute as they were back then.

I just love Christmas mice! This is another one from my childhood. So glad that they have survived all the moves over the years.

I purchased this one for myself a couple of years ago. I just love that it's a poodle wearing a poodle skirt with a hula hoop to boot!

My favorite in this picture is actually the garland. My Mom made it for me. They are made out of scrapbooking paper. Men in top hats and ladies in long dresses, all dancing. This is a Martha Stewart pattern from one of her Christmas books.

This angel is actually relatively new. I bought it as a gift and then gifted myself! I would love to know what your favorites are. I will share more trees in the days to come. God bless you today and the work of your hands!

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  1. yeah! you did it! :) Love the tree and your ornaments! very beautiful! I love hearing the stories behind favorite ornaments! Thanks for linking me! Have a great day!


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