Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Fun Find

Last Saturday I ventured out to my friend, Nancy's, barn sale. She lives on a 150+ year old farm happily named, "Friendship Farm". She has a beautiful and festive Christmas sale going on for the next couple of weekends. I purchased this crocheted table cloth for a mere $35. It was quite an undertaking for someone. It fits my dining room table which measures 36x96. I soaked it and washed it, and it came out a beautiful white. I wish you could see the detail. The person that made it cut out those blue hexagons and crocheted right into the fabric. It's just gorgeous! I'm going to save it for January so I have something new on the table after Christmas. Be blessed and be joyfilled!


  1. Beautiful!!! I want to see it up close to see the detail.
    Hey I just noticed my button! thanks for posting it!

  2. Hi Renee,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your crocheted tablecloth is beautiful. Blue and white is a favorite of mine. What a great find. I will be back to read your blog. I'm sure we will find we have a lot in common. I'm new at this, so I'm enjoying getting to know all the sweet bloggers out there.


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