Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Tree Challenge

Two years ago my friend Nancy challenged her friends to create a tree for her Christmas barn sale. We were then to offer our trees to sell. I had so much fun creating this tree that when I was done, I priced it ridiculously high so that I could keep it.

I photo copied Christmas sheet music and made it into garlands. For ornaments I used vintage jewelry, much of it my Grandmothers, as well as scrapbooking paper and other bits-n-baubles. I made the tree skirt out of a piece of lace my friend Karen gave me. It came from a trunk belonging to her husband's family, dating back to the civil war era. I enjoyed this challenge tremendously. I get sad putting it away every year and was wondering, do any of you keep trees up all year round? Please check out the giveaway on Where Women Create. Just click on the button to the right. So cool, you won't believe it!


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