Monday, March 2, 2015

By the Sea

I am home from three weeks of traveling.  I had a unique opportunity that will probably not happen again.  Three trips back to back.  I started out in Manasota Key.  It was just what this girl from frigid Michigan needed to get back on track with life.  Hunting for shark teeth, cocktails in the sun, laughter and exploring with friends and hexie making in between.  I even read two books.  I'm hoping the time in the sun will get me through to spring.  I'll be back to take you to the next stop.  Happy Monday!


  1. hi renee! i am catching up on your posts and hope you are feeling better. i have had shingles, too, and they are NO fun at all. stress is a kicker.....

    but it looks like you had some wonderful r and r! the shark teeth look like little heart rocks!! and i love all of the quilts you have been making.

    love your new blog look. i am getting with keren to revamp mine. isn't she awesome?

    take good care and GOD bless you!

  2. Hi Renee, what gorgeous seaside photos! I love the hexies.I just discovered your blog and have spent the last half hour going through all your beautiful projects. So inspiring, especially your quilting, I am a hand quilter myself, so I love to see that! Great work!!

  3. Beautiful photos. I'm impressed how many shark teeth you found. I love beach combing, but I've never found any sharks teeth, not that I was actually looking for them. I'll definitely keep an eye out from now on.



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