Friday, September 7, 2012

Long Distance Hug

I found a box on my porch the other day from my dear friend, Trish.  She sent me the most amazing afghan that she crocheted herself.  After wiping the tears from my cheeks, I promptly wrapped myself up in it.  I've been struggling with some changes in my life regarding the move and she wanted to send a tangible expression of love, concern and comfort.  What makes this even more amazing is that we have not met in person.  Our friendship was found through Jesus and blogging.  I have many friends I have met that way.  It is one of the true blessings of blogging.  Because I am a crafty soul, I know how long this took and the enormity of the gift.  I do not take this for granted (her stitches are exquisite, by the way).  The other day I found my 21 year old son wrapped in it, asleep in the chair.  He was leaving for college the next day.  It brought comfort to another.  Thank you so much Trish!

I bought a new phone and was playing around with a photo application.  This is me getting ready to go out to dinner with my husband.  The Iphone is amazing and much easier than I imagined!

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  1. Ps. Cute picture! Getting my haircut in an hour.
    I hope it looks as adorable as yours! :0)

  2. are such a sweet lady. Feel like I have known you we meet in the stands of our sons baseball games and then again in the pews at church. I think of you often and send you loads of love. Love my iphone and all its apps....Trish is a sweetheart and a generous soul...thank you God for all your gifts...smiles...Renee

  3. AMAZING afghan!!! I hope your days are filled with Jesus' arms wrapped around you during this season you are in currently:):):):):):)

    My hubby and I are going to get some Iphones soon so it is good to hear positive feedback about them!

  4. Trish is such a sweet friend, and blessing!! A beautiful and precious afghan! Sending many hugs your way and keeping you in my prayers! Blessings, Heather

  5. Trish is a treasure...And so are you...

    I love my iPhone, too...One app you must get is Apps Gone Free. They send you an alert (one a day) of a list of apps that are free for a limited time. I rarely buy apps now. =)

  6. There is nothing like the comfort of a quilt or afghan, especially when we know what a gift of time it is.
    It is always disconcerting when life is coming at us quickly and there is no clear road map. Those kinds of events remind us that whatever happens, the love from our Lord remains steadfast.

  7. What a sweet gift and a very sweet special friend :) Looks so cozy! xo Holly

  8. Such a sweet and beautiful gift from a friend...even more beautiful because of the love that went into making it for you.
    My prayers for you and your family as you go through this change. There are many blessing waiting for you at the other end of this.
    I want an iphone. It's good to hear it isn't as hard to use as I thought. I know it is smarter than I am.

  9. A beautiful gift - may it always bless you xx

  10. Ohhh pretty blanket!!! I love those colors together. That Trish is a sweet one. Isn't she?
    So glad you came over to the iphone family. It is an awful fun phone!
    You looked darling for date night by the way. :)

  11. Love the pink and grey together! That is a very wonderful gift, one to treasure forever. You look beautiful for date night! Hope you had fun. And if you need to know any fun camera apps for the ole' iPhone....just let me know. I'm addicted!

  12. I love the colors. Thank you so much, I'm excited to be a winner.

    I downloaded instagram on my phone but forgot my password so don't have a clue on how to use it.

  13. What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift!

  14. That is such a beautiful thought for her to have sent you that- it's beautiful and I am not surprised you were so touched! Hello, by the way, I've not visited before- I came via 2 other blogs- I'm exploring! I shall definitely be following- Christian and crafty- sounds great!


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