Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prom Inspiration

Tomorrow marks the first day of spring break for my teenage daughter.  We aren't making any big trips this year, just day trips where we'll be on the hunt for the perfect prom dress.  I spent the day cleaning, sorting and dropping things off at Goodwill.  I said goodbye today to some cookbooks, mostly low-fat, weight-watcher, no-butter-for-you, recipes.  If I don't know how to watch my weight by now, at fifty, there's something wrong with me.  When I couldn't handle one more dust ball, I headed out to the local resale shop.  I spotted this beauty of a dress behind a table, with only the top peering out.  I almost walked by knowing that I couldn't afford the hefty price these dresses always bring.  What's the harm, I thought, just look at the tag.  Oh my word, did I read that right? $5.00.  Even the cashier couldn't believe it.  What a beauty, lavender-gray over the palest pink.  The vintage brooch is one of mine.  The sewing on this is extraordinary.  I wish you could see the ruffle strap, the ruffle is gathered and attached on a pink strip that is only 1/4" inch wide - I kid you not.  I hope that Maddie and I can find something just as exquisite, even in this day and age of show-it-all and leave nothing to the imagination.  We will do our best, with this one as our guide.



  1. Couldn't you modernize this one? The bottom is great, you would just need to cut off that trim and put new sleeves in.

  2. Oh, what a lovely dress! Love the color and design!! :) xo Heather

  3. Get out! You are kidding me. Five dollars. I would redo a whole room for that sweet thing. Can you honestly believe the workmanship on some of the garments of old. That sweet print in the background is amazing. I just found an old embroidery pattern that says God Bless this House....Smiles...Renee

  4. Fabulous!!! This is what prom dresses should look like!

  5. Oh i remember those years with my daughter back in 92 and 93. So fun. While i was moving dad down here i found my prom dress from 1973. Just as beautiful as ever! Been hung in dad's closet all these years is lavender!! Have a blessed week!

  6. That is indeed a beauty. I would have never thought of lavendar over pink, but it gives it such a romantic smoky look. Love your brooch too. Will look forward to what you and your girl come up with for Prom. If I lived closer, I would love to make her dream dress for her.
    I remade a dress last year for a friend's granddaughter. It was long and she wanted it short. It just broke my heart that her parents allowed her to wear it so short...but it wasn't my place. I just did as they asked. Seeing your daughters style in the past, I know she will look beautiful and modest.
    Oh and 5.00 really...what a great deal.


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