Friday, March 30, 2012

A New Use

My growing pile of platters needed a place to rest where they wouldn't get broken.  I found this vintage plant stand the other day when I found the dress.  A quick calculation and I snatched it up.  It looks great on top my fridge with the platters in it.  Prom dress shopping begins today.  What are you up to?



  1. Great idea! Well i am just taking care of my father, and trying to get a mini quilt and matching pillows made for my grandson for his Kindergarten graduation. Not sure what to do for my older grandson who is graduating higjschool!! Pray i het started on my project. God bless you Renee!

  2. I'll be working at my job; your day sounds more fun! I hope you find the perfect dress.

  3. Love that idea! :)
    Good luck finding Miss a dress. :)
    I am heading down south to see my family this weekend and to celebrate my mama turning 78 years young. And taking cuppy cakes of course. :)
    Talk to you when I get back.

  4. love it! Always fun to think outside the box and find a new use for something, isn't it??

    ENJOY your prom shopping! I recall those memories with my girls so fondly :)

  5. Pretty.Much luck when shopping for the prom dress.Ive been there and done that Renee.I must say now though I see scantily clad prom dresses,they are just awful.I recently read online some school,someone will be at the entrance of the prom with a ruler ready to measure dresses making sure they are the right length.Seriously Im all for that,anymore if you have a daughter it sad to see how some get away with such awful way of dressing.

    Have a lovely day and good luck with the prom dress lol.

  6. I like your new display. Have fun prom dress searching!! That's always fun! It's rainy here today, probably just going to get some things done inside the house and maybe make a few things!

  7. Great idea! I enjoy reading your blog and your lovely photos!

  8. great idea for the platers, hugs Mary

  9. Love this! Have never seen aything like it.

  10. YOU are SO clever...with eyes to see...well done!
    I'm headed to the barn to do chores then to the feed store to buy de-wormer block for my calves. Back home to do...what? I'm not sure; I've been a lost girl lately.


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