Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pretty Bow Ties

I'm still buried under a puffy blanket of snow.  A good excuse not get out of sweats today, don't you think?  I saw this picture on Pinterest the other day.  It reminds me of my husbands side of the closet. My husband has been wearing a bow tie to work every day for as long as he's been working ( if he's not in scrubs).  He decided in medical school that he wanted to have a way for patients to remember who their doctor was.  We've had a good time purchasing bow ties over the years and I've enjoyed people saying "Is that your husband with the bow-tie?"  Enjoy your Saturday!



  1. I love it. We undoubtedly do not get the comfort of scrubs nor the long hours of surgery. However my husband loves to wear ties and his favorite college KU graces many of them. Patients always find it easy to make conversation with him. Enjoy your day...we will be in sweats as well. Smiles...Renee

  2. Hello!!!! I am so excited, it is Saturday and now I am! I hardly get to go visiting on blogs anymore like I used to. Serving at the college and all! just had to stop and say hello........I like you just enjoy Pinterest so much. I treat myself in the morning........noon and evening. just enough to get my creative juices going!

    Just wanted to say hello and may the Lord bless your day!
    Hugs from my farm,

  3. How funny! What a great idea your husband had.
    I enjoy reading your blog. The picture of the snow yesterday was beautiful! I miss it. I live in Florida now, and though I enjoy the sunshine, I must admit snow has its endearing qualities also.

  4. I love all these pretty colors and I love the sweet story about your husband.:)

  5. love the bowties, and, the sweet story about your husband always wearing one.

    hope the sun is shining brightly for you today, renee.

  6. That is so sweet of him. :0) It's those added touches of care that make things more pleasant on what would otherwise be that patient's worst day. Love ya. Trish

  7. These are fab and rather quirky

  8. Cool picture. Neat about your husband. One of our pediatric ortho drs always wears a bow tie. He is such a Nice dr.

    I kinda wish we had gotten some snow this year, but I usually end up working when it snows.

  9. How great for your husband to want his patients to recognize him by his bow tie.
    I loved what you said in the last post about the quiet of snow.
    When we lived in the near by mountains, I always knew it had snowed by the brightness in the house when I opened my eyes. So different from the pounding of rain we hear now in our RV.
    Nice to know you are having a quiet weekend in your sweats. I love those kind of days.

  10. What beautiful bow ties. By any chance do you make them for him. What a nice gesture to wear bow ties so patients can recognize him. I bet it puts all his patients at ease when they see this young man in his bow ties and scrubs. It makes me smile thinking about it. I'm originally from Ohio and now a transplant in NC. I have not seen any snow this year. I miss the nostalgia of snow. It reminds me of the days when my boys played outside in it.


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