Friday, February 24, 2012

In the Quiet

Yesterday I went to meetings and ran my errands without a coat on.  This is the view from my back porch this morning.  The thing about snow, it's so quiet.  I stood with the door open looking at the flakes softly falling and enjoying the silence.  Not even a bird was chirping.  Yesterday's Cardinal has found a place to stay out of the wind.  We're expecting a few more inches.   It's beautiful!

"It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all."
Laura Ingalls Wilder

Happy Friday,


  1. Renee,
    That is such a beautiful post and picture. I just posted one myself this morning with pictures of our overnight snowfall. Isn't it glorious, and aren't we so lucky? And you are right, it is so still and quiet out there. So peaceful, Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend.

  2. Wow, Renee!! That sounds so beautiful- the picture looks so peaceful and quiet. So lovely!! I love snow and the peace it seems to bring with it. Everyone all snuggled inside with their families and cozy!! Great post Renee- enjoy the snow!!

  3. Snow is beautiful when it first lands the landscape takes on a magical view. I love the silence of it to. Enjoy, dee x

  4. It looks absoulutely gorgeous. What a perfect display with your morning coffee. Stay warm. Patty

  5. Oh how pretty. Now that I'm out of the snow I really miss it. While the eternal summer is nice, I miss seasons!

  6. I love it when it has started snowing during the night and you wake up knowing when you look out the window the world will be blanketed in white.

    I don't think we'll see that here this year, in the 60's today, 70's yesterday, my daffodils are blooming, hubby has been sowing grass seed.

    Lovely picture.

  7. It IS beautiful! We live in a less-residential area of our town at the moment, and as soon as snow falls, the view outside my window is of dirty, slushy streets! Thanks for a little taste of a beautiful snow-covered yard! :)

  8. Sounds and looks pretty but, to be honest, I'm glad I don't have to live with it!

  9. True, and oddly enough,I can enjoy it somuch more now that Spring is so near:>)

  10. Hi Renee, Love you photo; we were gone for a week of sunshine in Ca. and got back and had our own light dusting of the white stuff. I'm enjoying looking out at sunshine but know the snow is not over. I do love the winter here but can't wait for spring.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Hi, Renee. In our early marriage, we lived for two years in Chicago with two small children. I loved looking out of our upstairs bedroom at the beautiful snow. And you are right, it is quiet. That's one of the things I remember about it. We have spent the remaining 46 years in California. I would love to visit snow country again; my husband, not so much. Thanks for the memories. Blessings, Nancy

  12. Beautiful! Enjoy the beauty and the quiet.


  13. What a beautifull post and picture, you have it described on your writting so lovely!
    The snow is over here, hopefully next year would be more snow falling.
    Would love to link with your blog, please visit mine

  14. It is so pretty! Yesterday morning I woke up to that too, everything just lightly covered...soo pretty. I had to go out and take a few pics of my yard. I like the Laura Ingalls Wilder quote :)


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