Saturday, June 18, 2011

For Today

The garden is all a hum this morning.  This dragonfly sat still for me, as if he liked his picture taken.  Maybe it was the scent of the rose that kept him there.

It's always a delight when the delphinium blooms.  I love blue in the garden.  This year is it's best show to date.

My little Cardinal baby has moved off with it's mother.  This is my last photo of him.  The last time I saw him he was clear across the yard following his mama's voice.  I love it.

A quick shot of a project to show you.  I have a couple of very special ones I'm working on that I can't wait for you to see.  Off to the wedding!  Have a great day!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Farm Day

It's a big day at the farm.  We are setting up for a wedding tomorrow.  We'll be expecting 300 guests.  I woke up to sunshine and did what every farm girl does, chose and ironed her apron for the day, one with pockets for cell phone and keys.

Then off to eat breakfast and collect two of the most important workday items ~ bug spray and sunscreen.  On my way I'll run through the drive-in for a large 1/2 sweet tea & 1/2 regular tea (now you know my can't-live-without-on-the-job-drink).

I pause to touch the pretty towel I bought recently and to think about all the buzz and hum of happy plans that will go on today.  I wonder how the bride and groom are doing with their stress level.  Better stop and pray for them.

Later I'll put together something yummy with this pairing but for now I'll wish all of you a great day and many blessings!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The Lettered Home

Beautiful Details Wed

6 Miles

Sweet Jane

Precious Pastimes

Stories & Divinations

Feeling the colors of summer through Etsy today.  Such a dangerous place to browse, I'm going to walk away from my computer now!  Blessings!

With joy,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Thoughts

wheelbarrow from recent barn sale

How are you settling into the summer?  For me, it's snuck up on me and I'm having some difficulty balancing the regular work load with the addition of weeding and mowing and kids.  I'm enjoying the warmer weather but suddenly can't remember what I wore last summer and wondering what I did with my clothes from last year?

loving my double-bloom begonia

Children at home always add an interesting element to the summer mix.  There are places to go and friends to see and my routine doesn't stay the same or fit into their plans.

picture of Maddie snapped after church

But I wouldn't trade this time for anything.  We spent the evening reading on the porch, drinking lemonade and watching the Mama Cardinal protect her young.  Dinner was steaks on the grill with fresh asparagus, green beans and corn.  Soon there will be fireflies lighting the night sky.

evening primrose closing in the morning

Today I'm going to try and get some quilting in but my husband is home and the sunshine is calling, so we'll see how far I get.  Blessings!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Hidden Treasure

I took a stroll through the garden this morning.  I love being out there before the demands of the day begin and before the summer heat sets in.  The red climber is in full bloom, trying hard to free itself from the trellis and plant itself on the roof.

Nestled behind the blooms is a wee little home for two adorable cardinal babies.  I found a rare moment when Mama wasn't giving me the "I'm going to peck your eyes out if you don't get that camera away from me" look.

Such a blessing and a treasure to have this life before me to witness every day.  Since Max, our golden passed, we have much more wildlife in the garden.  Bunnies meet me in the dark, the neighborhood cat we've dubbed "Boo" winds himself around my legs when I'm weeding, unaware of his arrival.

Such fragile yet strong creatures to be able to survive the elements.  God gives us all what we need, when we need it to flourish where He's placed us.  Have a wonderful Monday!

With joy,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Scripture

"How can I repay the Lord for all his goodness to me?
I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord.
I will fulfill my vows to the Lord in the presence of all his people."

Psalm 116:12-14
In Praise,

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Taste of Summer

It has been a long busy week for me.  I feel so out of touch with all of my blogging friends!  Work has taken over and I'm juggling having one child home from college and one high schooler who is bored already!

It's all good though, I'm not complaining (much).  I am still trying to finish up all the custom quilt orders and can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I keep wondering why I do this to myself, but I do love to create something special for someone.

So why all the photos of lemonade?  Well, it's sets the standard for summer refreshment (with iced tea being a close runner-up, in my opinion).  I've been experimenting with many different recipes as of late.

I love all the summer images that the word "lemonade" evokes.  So today, during a little downtime, I'm going to pour myself a tall glass and visit your blogs.  Hope to "read" you soon!  Blessings!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Wedding of the Season

Our first wedding of the season was lovely!  The weather report was harsh, but it remained beautiful.  There's nothing like the sound of a flute out in the country to stir the heart.  I was ever mindful of the children that day.  I will always include pictures of the children when I show you the weddings.  I love to see their faces during the ceremony.  Dan and Stacey are now off to the mountains to enjoy the start of their lives as husband and wife.  Blessings to all!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Scripture

photo found here

"Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.
Honor your father and mother - which is the first
commandment with a promise - that it may go well
with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth."

Ephesians 6:1-3