Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Scripture

"No one knows about that day or hour,
not even the angels in heaven, nor 
the Son, but only the Father.
Therefore keep watch, because 
you do not know on what day
your Lord will come.  But understand
this:  If the owner of the house had
known at what time of night the
thief was coming, he would have
kept watch and would not have let
his house be broken into.  So you
must also be ready, because the 
Son of Man will come at an hour
when you do not expect him."

Matthew 24:36, 42-44


  1. Great verse for the events (or non-events!) of the day. . . Personally. . . I look forward to it!
    I did though, find it interesting to listen to people's comments about a rapture - whether happening now or at anytime. . . I found myself a bit dis-heartened & at the same time determined to share my joy at the hope & have in Christ.
    xo, Bren

  2. Glory! Thank you for posting this wonderful scripture from the Bible!

  3. Wonderful scripture...right on time for what is happening right now. I am ready to meet my Lord...whenever He is ready to come!!!

  4. Lovely photo and scripture!! So thankful we have God's truths and promises in His word so that we aren't swayed by false teaching. Isn't there such a joy in waiting for something good to happen, say an upcoming wedding, graduation, a new baby, etc. And how much more should we be excited about Jesus' 2nd coming!! Have a Jesus filled day!

  5. Great timing for this one, Renee. That scripture was in my daily reading a few days ago in my Bible in a Year book. God's timing is perfect and that is what I hang on to.

  6. Our priest just said tonight "if your bags are packed already, then it shouldn't matter when that day will come because we will be ready." Thank you for sharing this scripture. Perfect for this Sunday.


  7. My husband and boys were at a scout fishing campout that just happened to be at a catholic camp. There was a statue of Jesus in the middle of the lake. During the lightning storms in the distance the statue would illuminate on the pond. My husband said it was beautiful. All happened on the supposed day of reckoning. Such grace...thanks Renee for the gorgeous the way I forgot to tell you I am only 5 feet tall...Smiles...Renee

  8. This is a fabulous scripture. With so many people trying to place a date on His return, it is important to know the truth. :o)
    All the chaos is settling and I am back in the blogging world. :o)
    I can hardly wait to catch up with you!
    Have a wonderful week dear friend.
    Sincerely, Trish


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