Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Bits of Happy

Little things are making me happy today...
new Denyse Schmidt fabric at JoAnns.

Sewing the pieces of a tiny sweater together
for a sweet little one entering the world next month.

The morning sun shining into my sewing room,
it's 37 this morning, a few snowflakes yesterday.

Thanking the Lord for His love and grace
and for giving me little bits of happy today and everyday!



  1. this is such a cheerful place to visit.
    your fabric choices are lovely!

  2. I have not seen the new DS fabric yet. But it looks lovely. Thanks for sharing a happy moment today.

  3. Sweet. I love your By Grace Alone sign.

  4. i found all the new denyse schmidt at my mom's local joann's, except for the limey-green with pink flowers! i'm on a mission to find some now!!!

  5. I love those fabrics! It is dropping to the low temps. here as well. Stay warm this weekend!

  6. I love the title of your post today. I am often humbled by your posts and today will stop to thankful for my "little bits of happy" Pretty new fabric...will have to check it out at my Joanns.
    The bitty sweater will be so sweet. Love the colors. You got a little sunshine today and spread alot of it around blogland.

  7. The little things like friendship and shared grace. Thank you for your faith and encouragement. Your blog is always a place to find comfort. Smiles...Renee

  8. Gorgeous fabric Renee. Is that for you or are you making something for someone? He does bless us, doesn't he?

  9. I like that: "little bits of happy every day" - so true but sometimes we forget or even completely miss them!

  10. Your blog is such a blessing to read.
    Thank you so much for slowing down my day with just a few moments and a reminder to be "Sew Thankful" for all our little blessings!

  11. If you keep appreciating the little things you will always be happy! I try . . . some days are easier than others! Now, how could I have missed that fabric at JoAnns? I guess I will just have to go again! Thanks for the heads up!!


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