Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dreaming in Pastels

Source: via Simply on Pinterest

What are you dreaming in today?



  1. I enjoyed the pictures. I loved the colors in them :) After looking at these pictures I'd say I am dreaming in pastels!! Thanks for posting :)

  2. Cozy sweaters, warm wool socks, Christmas songs and lots of sewing...smiles...Renee

  3. so pretty~ love all those images! they remind me of old fashioned coziness of grandparents. :)

  4. Very pretty objects in those photos.

    I'm not dreaming - this morning I worked in yellows, and this afternoon it will be combinations of black and white as I try to catch up on a year's worth of blocks in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

  5. ooohhh gorgeous pictures i love pastels and just look at all that beautiful china and that singer sewing machine...lovely ;-)) im dreaming of warm sunshine its freezing here. dee xx

  6. WHITE - lots of white
    ...warm bowls of soapy frothy water as I do a lot of hand laundry
    ...billowing white freshly laundered sheets to make our bed a relaxing haven
    ...a clean sheet of paper for writing a shopping list
    ...fluffy white towels stacked in the bathroom to wrap me in softness after my shower envelope, containing an important letter to post
    ..a pretty NEW white bra, which fits me beautfully, purchased to celebrate my 20lb weight loss and new shape.

    The sky outside is Very Grey - but I am all white/ all right inside!!!
    blessings x

  7. Pretty! I'm so glad some of you girls are gleaning these pintrest pics since I can't with my slow Internet!

    I'm dreaming about my back relaxing so I can't clean house today! ♥

  8. Love all the colors...Also LOVE pinterest :)

  9. Lovely pastels. I had no idea that Singer made a PINK featherweight. Darling!


  10. I missed this when it first posted. I love the pastel colors.

  11. I love the pink sewing machine, I never saw one that color. So cool!

    Also, so enjoyed all of those beautiful pastel colors...yummy, reminds me of the ice cream I used to eat as a child.


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