Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Loveliness

Saturday found me out at Friendship Farm waiting to show the grounds to two brides and their families.  It was such a gorgeous, crisp fall day that I decided to take some photos.  The neighbor's sheep wasn't too thrilled to have it's photo taken.  If someone had shot me from behind I'd be mad as a wet hen.

There's nothing like fall on a farm.  the colors seem more vivid and the air more clear.  I find myself much more contemplative when I'm here.  God and I have had some good walks around the property.

We booked the farm that day for a special bride.  The soon-to-be wife to the son of a dear friend of mine.  There were lots of good tears to go around.  A day I will not soon forget.

I'm cutting out my latest Christmas gift project.  Not one for batiks, I couldn't resist this beautiful snowflake fabric.  I may be a batik believer yet.  

This is the pattern I'm making with it.  I am going to love sewing this together.  Sweet blessings for a wonderful Tuesday!



  1. The photos are beautiful, the perfect place to walk and talk with the Creator. I do believe tha sheep was giving you a look. Love your latest pattern choice, is it an applique or is that the fabric? Patty

  2. Oh boy! I'm in love with that snowflake batik!! Can't wait to see it finished. That farm is beautiful...Pat

  3. I am sure your gift will be lovely. :)

  4. Such pretty pictures. The farm looks beautiful.

  5. That farm looks like a fun place to visit. Love the cute little sheep.


  6. LOL on the wet hen comment and will be all day! The farm really does look like a lovely place to set a spell and slow down for a good visit with the Lord. I feel the same way about being here on the ranch although it's not nearly as picturesque as your place. I know that God is always only a prayer away, but there is just something that makes me feel His presence in every breath of the breeze here. Your project will be lovely. I too have not jumped on the Batik bandwagon although they are lovely. I just keep telling myself I don't need to begin another fabric stash!

  7. I enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures. The farm looks like a lovely quiet place. The snowflake design that you are working on looks really nice!! Can't wait to see what the finished product looks like!!

  8. I just found your blog...and I must say that your love of Jesus certainly does shine brightly. I'm your newest follower for that reason.

  9. The farm looks like a lovely place to hold a wedding!


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