Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding Day

It was a very busy weekend, but everything got done and a happy couple began their new life as husband and wife.

It rained off and on all day.  Right before the ceremony a large black cloud formed over the barn and I held my breath, just waiting.

But the rain held long enough to finish the ceremony.  Guests entered the barn for refreshments and appetizers.

This little guy was the most excited ring-bearer to date.  He marched up the aisle with a broad grin and determined stride.  What a cutie-pie!

This is the last shot I took before my camera died.  In all the preparations, I forgot to charge the battery.  Alas, no picture of the groom to share.  I can assure you he was standing at the other end of the aisle, with a wide grin on his face!  



  1. So sweet! Love the colors, and that brown lace dress is fabulous!

  2. Glad it didn't rain! Everything looked like it turned out beautifully! Where was this wedding at?? Love the red barn :)

  3. What a sweet job you have. The happy smiles of all must make it so rewarding. Would have loved to see some of the reception decorations. Darn those camera batteries...mine always die at just the wrong time too.

  4. What a beautiful day. :o)
    Those smiles gave no hint to the black clouds over head. :o)

  5. What a beautiful wedding, isn't the bride always the most beautiful part of a wedding :D.
    Guess thats what it'll be like for us when we finally unite with christ, weddings always remind me of that!!!
    Karen Xxxxx

  6. I just love weddings! Thanks for sharing a bit of this lovely day. =)

  7. Gorgeous..looks like everyone loved every moment. What a wonderful day to share. Smiles...Renee

  8. Beautiful pictures. So sorry your camera died. I'm sure someone else got some nice pics. Thanks for sharing yours.

  9. Thanks for sharing - so glad you got those pics before your camera battery gave out. Beautiful memories! Blessings!

  10. So beautiful! I see the bridesmaids had different style and color dresses. I like that idea.


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