Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Sunday Picnic

Sunday was a special day at the farm.  My husband hosted a family picnic for the baseball team that he coaches.  These boys are nine and ten years old and some of them had not been born when 911 occurred.  

My friend and employer, Nancy

It was so fun to surprise the families with a candy bar, a cotton candy machine, cupcakes and delicious food.  We had games for the kids so that the parents could meet and talk about the coming season.

For me, my favorite part was my husband (in the yellow) teaching the children about 911 and then sharing a prayer that Franklin Bell Graham gave the day after 911.  He loves his players and I enjoy watching him teach and grow them in ways that will shape them long after the glove and bat are put away.

With joy,


  1. What a gorgeous day...wish our team was headed by a coach like this! Simple blessings and true coaching spirit. Sometimes the coaches are in it just for their sons alone...disappointing for the other kiddos...smiles...Renee

  2. What a wonderful party-looks like such fun. Great job your hubby is doing(and you too). Have a great week.

  3. what a special day! I love your decorations, but I love the heart of serving and blessing that shines through even more.

  4. doesn't that look like a perfect picnic? what a sweet husband, a great coach, and a guy who knows just where to go, to throw the perfect party. well done.


  5. How wonderful of your husband to have such a special day for his players. And to teach them about 9/11 and invest in them spiritually. Love it!!


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