Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Transformation Continues

The transformation of the pretty room continues.  After years of sage green and pink, I have changed to a soft blue and cream color palette with touches of pink and yellow.  It's got a beachy cottage feel to it.  Yesterday I painted this cabinet "Old White" from the Annie Sloan paint collection.  Previously it was the antique yellow that remains on the trim and inside the cabinet.  I had not used this paint before but I love it and highly recommend it.  There is no prepriming and sanding involved.  Once the paint is on you apply their soft wax, distress and wax again.  The process was so easy.  The paint dries almost immediately after putting it on - what a dream!

I filled it with old quilts, some I made and some vintage and my Nicole Sayre pieces I love so much.  I moved this stool near the cabinet.  I found the stool with the pretty cover at a barn sale.

Things are coming along and I'm enjoying filling the room very slowly as I find things I like.   Many touches have come from other parts of the house.  I love it when that happens.

The new couch arrived and we are all loving it.  It has a relaxed feel with the slip cover and is a bit longer than the old one so that we have plenty of room to sit together.

I rehung the mirror that I made years ago in an art class.  I thought I would share a corner of the mirror detail with you.  I still love this piece even after all these years.  I'm off to see what else I can find for the room.  Have a wonderful day!



  1. I love how your room is coming together! Gorgeous mirror, too! :)

  2. The beach cottage look is beautiful! Elegant and cozy but also relaxed in a good way. What lovely pieces you are finding for the room. I am having to pair mine down because hubby is insisting on a man room. Hard to part with or decide what to display and what to store. Looking forward to seeing what you do next!

  3. Very very pretty! And the couch rocks! ;)
    Miss you!

  4. Renee it looks amazing. The paint is fantastic isn't it. I painted with that same color yesterday. Love it with the yellow. But I must say that dear stool steals the show. I am so going to do that. Beautiful couch to curl up with a good book...enjoy it! Renee

  5. Everything is looking pretty. Love your style Rene.


  6. This all looks so pretty. I just want to come over, sit down and relax.

  7. So pretty....I had never heard of that paint. My dollar dresser in my sewing room needs painted, but I was so intimidated to do it. This paint sounds like the perfect paint to use on it!

  8. Canyou take a picture of all of that mirrow? It looks to be so beautiful!!!

  9. That is the prettiest room Renee!! I love the colors you are surrounding yourself with. The create such a peaceful place to stay in. I would never leave this room! Beautiful couch!!!


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