Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Thoughts

wheelbarrow from recent barn sale

How are you settling into the summer?  For me, it's snuck up on me and I'm having some difficulty balancing the regular work load with the addition of weeding and mowing and kids.  I'm enjoying the warmer weather but suddenly can't remember what I wore last summer and wondering what I did with my clothes from last year?

loving my double-bloom begonia

Children at home always add an interesting element to the summer mix.  There are places to go and friends to see and my routine doesn't stay the same or fit into their plans.

picture of Maddie snapped after church

But I wouldn't trade this time for anything.  We spent the evening reading on the porch, drinking lemonade and watching the Mama Cardinal protect her young.  Dinner was steaks on the grill with fresh asparagus, green beans and corn.  Soon there will be fireflies lighting the night sky.

evening primrose closing in the morning

Today I'm going to try and get some quilting in but my husband is home and the sunshine is calling, so we'll see how far I get.  Blessings!



  1. Fireflies! I love them. I used to catch them when I was a little girl in Ohio. I miss them. I live in Texas...no fireflies.
    Beautiful pictures.

  2. What a wonderful day! Everything sounds just perfect!
    I grew up in San Antonio in Texas and we had fireflies too. I loved going out and trying to catch them.

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Maddie is beautiful! :)
    Miss you!
    Hugs, Shann

  5. I agree, there IS too much to do in summer. I can't seem to take care of the garden AND the laundry. It is either one or the other (or neither!).

  6. Love your little wheelbarrow filled with flowers. I'm so jealous of your fireflies. Brings back memories of my childhood.
    Hope you get some quilting in. It feeds the soul. Enjoy your summer with kids home...all too soon they will be gone. Sitting on the porch with lemonade and a good book is what summer is all about.

  7. Your summer day sounds perfect! We are still waiting for summer to arrive with continual rainy and cool days :( Hopefully soon.

  8. It does not feel like summer yet here....so cold..our weather is crazy. Plus we are all still in school...soon it will be upon us. Hugs sweet friend. xoxoxo

  9. Have a lovely time. This way the quilt will last longer :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  10. My summer vacation officially begins today! 2 months to do as I please. It's hot and dusty here so there will be many pajama days in my future; no outdoor activities but hopefully much crafting and indoor projects checked off my to do list. Happy Wednesday to you, Tammy

  11. Summer snuck up on me, also. I'm try to fully dine on the joy of eat hot day.


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