Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pretty Cakes

This weekend there is a big barn sale happening at my friend, Diane's house.  I told her I would bake some cupcakes for our local animal rescue who will host a bake sale during the event.  I saw these cupcakes on sweet Kathy's blog and knew I had to give it a try.

My daughter did most of the decorating of the cupcakes.  We used the colors we had on hand, but I like Kathy's red ones much better.  It was fun to sit and talk with Maddie while we worked on them.  Another special moment from our maker's hand.  Pretty Dahlia cakes.  Almost too pretty to eat...almost!

With joy,


  1. Those are so pretty and look so yummy too. Glad you had special time with your daughter while making them.

  2. I love the aqua and pink! you would think these would be tedious but I did them with my daughter and it was kind of fun and relaxing. Sure wish I could make the barn sale:>)

  3. Love them! thanks for sharing! I popped over o Kathy's blog and joined!


  4. So pretty! I love the colors.

  5. They look YUMMY! If you have time could you e-mail or call with the address to the barn sale...would love to come out and see it all and maybe get a cupcake or two :)


  6. Yum!! They look like a real treat! Man, I want to go to one of these barn sales!! xx

  7. Your cupcakes are beautiful. What a lovely idea. Bet they are just as yummy as they look.

  8. Oh how pretty Renee!! I would hate to eat them they are so beautiful! I bet they were extra delicious! :o)


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