Friday, June 17, 2011

Farm Day

It's a big day at the farm.  We are setting up for a wedding tomorrow.  We'll be expecting 300 guests.  I woke up to sunshine and did what every farm girl does, chose and ironed her apron for the day, one with pockets for cell phone and keys.

Then off to eat breakfast and collect two of the most important workday items ~ bug spray and sunscreen.  On my way I'll run through the drive-in for a large 1/2 sweet tea & 1/2 regular tea (now you know my can't-live-without-on-the-job-drink).

I pause to touch the pretty towel I bought recently and to think about all the buzz and hum of happy plans that will go on today.  I wonder how the bride and groom are doing with their stress level.  Better stop and pray for them.

Later I'll put together something yummy with this pairing but for now I'll wish all of you a great day and many blessings!



  1. Renee enjoy. What a wonderful start to a beautiful day. Smiles...Renee

  2. That is such a lovely peaceful post. I am going to go check my strawberry bed right now. Even the cheerios look good. I'm more a Special K with Berries kind of gal, but this might just be a Cheerios morning! I wish I could see your place! Bet it's beautiful.
    Have a wonderful and productive day, and enjoy your work.

  3. Sounds like its going to be a wonderful day but very busy. Enjoy it and have a lovely weekend, dee x

  4. A perfect summer day! Love the apron, I have gotten into the habit of tying one on first thing in the morning too. Lol, I mean an apron of course! Love the new towel too, where did you find it? Come on over and check out my giveaway when you get the chance!

  5. When my first two girls got married I lost my car keys never found them.For the next 2 girls weddings..I wore a 1/2 apron..with my keys attached to a pice of ribbon in the apron.My cell phone was also attached in a little case in the apron..and my scissors and flower cutting tools were also attached with curly ribbon..when thru with them they went back into the pocket.It worked out great!!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. Sounds like a busy but fun day my friend...many blessing for the wedding. xoxo

  7. Hope you can sit and enjoy those strawberries at some point. Along with a big glass of tea!
    I love the idea of an apron. My mother always wore one. I need to start wearing one.

  8. I hope the preparations went smoothly and that tomorrow is a magical day for the happy couple. I love the image of a freshly ironed apron. Sweet post and cute photo.


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