Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's the Little Things~

Looking to replace my bakeware, I spotted these in Target.

Imagine my happy dance when I flipped them over!

For a girl who loves pink and aqua in the kitchen
I was thrilled!

If I am going to spend such a great deal of time
preparing food for my family

why not be in a room surrounded by pretty 
things that you love?

It's the little things that can make mundane
everyday chores all that much more enjoyable,

don't you agree?

Hey, who opened the Easter candy?
(oops...that was me!)



  1. I love the colors of these pans Renee, it really is the little things that make us smile. Your aqua and pink kitchen is a sure day brightener! I don't dare buy Easter candy yet, I know it would never see April, let alone Easter!

  2. Love all the pretty colors in your kitchen! I would be doing a happy dance too if I spotted those :)

  3. That is so neat Renee, love your style, I too love pretty bright things in my kitchen, I have a lot of red, lol but then I am the chicken lady, love your blog and become a follower, hope you have a very blessed day.
    Hugs Barbara ♥

  4. So cute! Your kitchen is so cheerful, I especially love your step stool. Open bags of Easter candy are a very dangerous thing! But the colors match so perfectly.

  5. I love all your kitchen toys :) BTW M&Ms are not candy, they are a required daily food group in my house.

  6. O everthing looks so nice, i love baking to. Great colors.

    greatings from Petra.

  7. Love the pretties you have in your kitchen!!! Gonna pay Target a visit.
    I was going to blog today but never got around to it. subject was going to be The Little Things. :) I will get it done in a day or two. Smiled when I saw your subject.

  8. What great colours to have in the kitchen

  9. So cute! LOVE the colors. But my family would never come into the kitchen if I had my way with pink :-)

  10. Those are so cute!! What a great find!
    Your kitchen is the happiest room. I love the delicate colors and pretty touches through out. :o)
    I can only imagine the love that is baked up and cooked in your kitchen. :o)

  11. What a cheerful post! I love all of your springlike colors in the kitchen. And I especially approve of someone opening the Easter candy early :)


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