Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Pretties

The grey, cold days of winter are taking it's toll this week.  I thought it was time to get some Valentines decorations out.  Maybe alittle love can warm things up...

a gift from Shann

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Love a vous, mon ami,


  1. Oh I love the heart banner! Know where I can get one????!!!! :)

  2. Love the frames valentines and heart banner! Thank goodness for Valentines day, or February would seem longer thanit is:>)

  3. Love the old Valentines cards. I was thinking about doing a little decorating for Valentine's. I haven't done it in years. I use to decorate a lot because my youngest son's birthday (who will be 30!) is on Valentine's day. Gotta love that!
    Take Care
    P.S. Can't wait for your Sunday post.

  4. I just love all your sweet touches! And how nice of Shann to create such a lovely banner for you. :o) I recognized it immediately. She is just the sweetest isn't she?? :o)
    Have a lovely day my friend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  5. This is the second felt heart banner I've seen and I just love it. I must make one myself. Tomorrow I will go buy some felt and give it a go. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  6. So pretty!! Always love your blog!

  7. First of all let me say how much I love your new picture and profile.
    Your Valentines decorations make me wish I hadn't gotten rid of all mine. Maybe I will find room for a little vignette. The heart banner is so cute.

  8. Hi there! The banner looks so good in your window! I am glad that you liked it. :)


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