Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cupcake Cottage

Each year, in Shipshewana, IN there is a gingerbread house contest.  Each year I say to myself, I wonder if I could do that?  My friend, Nancy, has a restaurant and bake shop there and I thought it would be good publicity for her if I did one.

My teenage daughter and I decided to go for it.  We have been tirelessly working for the past few days to construct this house in order for it to have time to settle before we drop it off on Monday.

I enjoyed working with her and spending this time laughing and sharing and feeling a bit sick over the smell of candy together.

We were having difficulty knowing when to stop.  We do have some cupcake topiaries and a cupcake snowman to make yet.

It took my daughter over three hours to construct the roof last night using over 100 sticks of bubble gum.  The smell is so nauseating that I don't think I'll be chewing gum anytime soon.

All of the fencing and scrollwork for the arch and decorative details are done in royal icing and made in advance.  The neco wafer (stone) foundation is one of my favorite parts.

With this being our first gingerbread house, we really didn't know what to expect.  Although it was alot of hard work, it was fun and we decided we might start a tradition of making one every year, contest or not.  Although, we do hope we win the $500 even though neither of us can feel our fingers today!



  1. I bought cookie cutters to do a gingerbread house with the kids (Jeremy's idea) haha, and I am laughing because I see yours and know what ours will look like (if it's still standing when finished!)... you are so talented! Love you girls!

  2. It's beautiful Renee! And what a beautiful memory whether you win or not:>)

  3. It is a most lovely house, and it definitely shows the time put into constructing it! The colorful walkway is cool, and the pastel marshmallow garlands add an eye appeal. If I were judge, I'd pick yours!
    Your friend's restaurant will surely get a blessing from showing this sweet house there.

  4. Oh how cute!! You both did such a great job! What a team! :o) I hope you win too!! It would be such a fun tradition to do each year, you have my mind racing with ideas. :o)
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely - Trish

  5. How adorable Renee!
    Good luck with the contest...I hope you win!

  6. It turned out beautiful. You and your daughter should be proud. What a wonderful tradition to start...Good luck!

  7. Gorgeous detail! My daughter is going to a gingerbread house decorating party & can't wait to show her yours!!

  8. And the Grand Prize goes too...drum- roll please....

    Renee & Daughter!!!

    Beautifully done, like every project you take on.
    It is so pretty and inviting that I want to live there!

  9. Oh, my goodness, that is so beautiful! I just love the pink roof! What a special memory you will have and I sure hope you win!

  10. It's adorable and I love the pink roof!

  11. Wow, that's amazing, so much detail. Must have taken many many hours!! I hope you win too.

  12. Wasn't it fun? I told someone years ago, "Oh sure, I can do that." - in response to making one for her tea room. And then ran all over town looking for books with gingerbread house patterns. It was huge! And so much fun.

    You both did a great job and I LOVE the roof - very nice and original!

    I miss Shipsey! My aunt lives in Angola and she goes often.

    Thanks for sharing - I'm ready to make some with the kids now!

  13. It is very nice!! I hope you win:)

  14. Beautiful!!!! What a fun project to do with your daughter. I took the little girl I watch to see some gingerbread houses that were in a contest. They were amazing too. We had fun voting for our favorite. Yours should win!!!

  15. It is beautiful, Renee! Ya'll did a fantastic job! Good luck.:)

  16. The House rates second to the Memory made with your daughter...Priceless!


  17. Amazing!!!! Absolutely beautiful :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  18. that roof is AMAZING!hope you win

  19. I have always wanted to do a Gingerbread house. I love yours and it is even more special because you and your daughter made it together. The bubble gum roof is perfect. Hope you win, but the experience of working together is priceless.
    I found one in an old Debbie Mumm Christmas book that is quilted. Maybe I will try that one day.

  20. That is beautiful! I love the candy on the walkway. And the pink is, of course, perfect! :) Have a wonderful weekend!


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