Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Troubles

Today the weather report states 100% winds, tornado watch, and severe thunderstorms.  We are encouraged to stock up on supplies for three days.   Schools are closing all around us.  I can't believe the leaf guy showed up yesterday...



  1. we have the same weather issues here. i just had all of my windows and screens washed...


  2. Same here...at least we haven't raked any leaves quite yet. :) I heard you were coming to our Christmas Open house! Can't wait to meet all you lovely ladies! :)

  3. Prayers that ya'll stay safe! Hoping it'll just be a bit blustery and you'll be able to get some good quilting time in!

  4. Our leaves are just starting to fall here in California. They aren't near as beautifully colored as your pretty leaves!
    Saying a prayer for God to keep you safe.
    xoxo Gloria @}~`}~~~

  5. We have the same forecast, though it is almost 4 pm and we have had nothing but light rain and a few breezes in my area. Stay safe! Hopefully the weather men are just (once again) spreading panic over nothing.

  6. Hi,
    Sue at Country Pleasures sent me. I pray for your safety. Your photo is beautiful. Rain and Fall go together in Missouri. Tornado watches are another thing altogether.

    Your blog is beautiful. I'm going to go read some more.

    Happy at Home

  7. Heard it was really bad in some places. I wish we could get some rain, but hoping for no storms.

  8. Oh my goodness!!!!! Stay safe sweet one...that would scare me to death...the T word alone!!! Up here we just don't get those.

    Warm and safe hugs my friend.

  9. Hi Renee, Love the photo-such glorious maple leaves! We are having high winds here too and it even blew down some of our back fence. We didn't get tornado warnings but oh my I'd like the wind to stop a bit.
    Have a warm and cozy evening.

  10. Oh gosh!
    We had terrible weather this week too. Hopefully you'll get rain but no tornadoes!


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