Monday, October 18, 2010

A Quiet Monday

What is that darling little face peeking out? hmmm...

Today it's so quiet around my home.  Yesterday at church we were challenged to turn off our electronic devices and allow some quietness into our lives.  We do this to not only hear what the Lord might be speaking to us, but to also allow time for the mind to be creative.  It all sounds great to me, sign me up!  I decided to take a mini break from my Red Rose Farm quilt because something came in the mail that caught my eye...

If you happen to be a fan of Fig Tree Quilts, than you don't want to miss their pattern publication which comes out quarterly.  For just $8.50 (plus shipping), you receive patterns and much more in this little charming and oh-so-cute publication.

I am just about done with this project, but I'm only giving you this little snippet of a picture to keep you guessing.  It was fun, pretty quick and involved a combination of two patterns with the help of this...

Elizabeth Scott is also the designer behind Red Rose Farm that I'm using in the first quilt.  I can't wait to show you.  Do you want to see it before I have it quilted?

Happy Hugs,


  1. Sending you some Monday peace my friend...hugs.

  2. Darling, Darling Darling!!! You are such pure talent!

  3. i love that darling little face peeking out from behind your baskets....i even recognize him!
    i have stitched him up a time or two for dishtowels and so has my mom. i love the dancing pots, pans, utensils and also dishes vintage transfer patterns. i have them in my collection too.
    he is adorable with your basket blocks!

  4. I knew you needed that Red Rose Farm fabric! I love the quietness idea. I very seldom turn on anything that makes noise around here,it helps me think. Of COURSE we want to see your project before it's quilted, I am so intrigued by the little bit you've shown:>) Happy Monday.

  5. Yes; let's see it before it's quilted. Everything you make is really cute; this should be fun.

    And I love the challenge you were given in church!

  6. So cute. I've enjoyed doing some vintage kitchen towels recently, from the old transfer paper. So quick and easy.

    Hey, I'm having a link-up event on November 5th and 6th called The Airing of the Quilts. I really hope you'll grab the event button and join me for what promises to be a weekend of quilt oohing and aahing.


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