Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Fall Garden

I took a stroll out into the garden yesterday.  I wanted to see if there is still any activity after all the cold days we've had.  There is still much to enjoy.  My hydrangea bush is fading to the warm colors of the trees behind it.

The rose is still as breathtaking as it was this summer, only in a more mellow way.  Some of the flowers have started to dry but it is still blooming.  I just love it!

The fall toad lily is in full swing.  They have multiplied all over the flower beds.  If you click on the picture, you can see their exquisite design.

The shrub rose is still producing new blooms and seems to grow taller every day.  The once twelve inch container is now almost five feet tall.

As long as we don't get a frost, the blooms will continue to open.  The hostas have faded back to the earth, some a bright yellow like the trees.  I can sense the anticipation in this little bud, will I come out?  Or will it be to cold to unfold?

Always hardy are the mums.  My neighbor surprises me every year with a potted mum.  It is such a nice surprise to find one sitting so prettily by my fence.  Such a simple and beautiful gesture.

This is the one remaining lavender blossom for the season.  I can't decide if I should cut it and dry it or leave it attached to it's life source.  For now, I'll leave it and let it take it's own sweet time to enjoy the last few days of warmth and sunshine this season.



  1. Beautiful photographs, I love gardens at this time of year... so much colour x

  2. Your garden is beautiful way into fall, how wonderful.

  3. Lovely flowers. We are in Spring in Australia so everything is just starting to grow vigorously.

  4. Your garden still has so many beautiful flowers left Renee. Mine has a bit of lavender and a few roses but it is mostly past. I keep hoping the frost will hold off and be late this year!

  5. I have a question, do you cut back your hydrangea in the fall or in the spring or do you cut it back at all. Thanks Val

  6. Beautiful! I am sitting here waiting for my husband to come home. I am praying for him as he is a chaplain for the police dept. There has been a wreck with a fatality. My heart is hurting for the family of whomever it is as well as what part my husband will play. I decided to check blogs as I wait and yours was so soothing to me. I am so glad I came by tonight.

  7. Your Fall garden is a delight! Very beautiful!!

    I also love the front view from your home on your Sunday post. So pretty!

  8. Wow your gardens are still so lush.
    Our are now faded or have become crimson in colour. I guess it is a little cooler here north of Toronto.
    I just dropped by your blog. You may be interesed in my giveaway. drop by if you get a chance.


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