Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The other day when I put myself on fabric lockdown, I knew I would face temptation.  I didn't realize I would face it so soon.  Yesterday I got an email from the Fat Quarter Shop that Red Rose Farm was now available.  I wanted to cry.  I have been a fan of Elizabeth Scott for quite awhile.  She has some fun patterns and a cute blog The Late Bloomer.  Her home is as pretty as her fabric and patterns.  I am a tormented soul today. UGH!!!



  1. I think I may have a loop hole for you...what if you and a friend bless each other with a gift Haha!

    Take care and enjoy the sunshine today!


  2. What a beautiful group of fabrics. They have your name written all over them. I know...
    Love A Gardener's Cottage's solution.

  3. those fabrics are could bring them home as a way to keep summer all year long. that sounds perfect doesn't it?!

  4. Buy it anyway! You'll always wish you'd had.

  5. I'm not sure I could resist that temptation, I'm not sure you should...:>)

  6. a friend just sent me a link to your blog and I'm so glad I came over! Looks like we both love the same things...I'm sorry you're on fabric "lockdown", but Red Rose Farm isn't that big a collection...I'm sure a little bit wouldn't hurt!


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