Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Her majesty...

I always know when the seasons change by looking at my garden.  Fall is ushered in by the arrival of the Queen.

She is the fall clemantis (clemantis paniculata) commonly known as Sweet Autumn.  The sweet comes not only from the appearance, but from the unbelievable fragrance she exudes.  I can inhale her sweet perfume the moment I step outside.

Most of the garden is beginning to fade now.  It's as if the Queen's arrival will not be outdone by another.  Though she does have her attendants.  The rose is still there to escort her in.

And I must say, they escort her in fine style.  They give their all in these final days before the frost comes leaving them a memory to be savored all winter long.

The morning glory will admire the Queen from a distance, stretching to get a better glimpse of her.  Knowing that her arrival will beckon their departure.  I will certainly miss the garden, this year being one of the best performances to date.  It will be a mere 65 degrees here today.  The porch is calling me to come with a quilt, Bible and coffee to start my day.  Blessings to all...



  1. love the pics. I have given up on my yard this year. It has just been so hot and dry. I just pray for some slow soaking rain. Hope you have a great day.

  2. Beautiful post...Your garden still looks amazing. More peaceful than the exhuberance of Spring and Summer but with a quite beauty all it's own. I will head out this afternoon to begin clipping things back and cannot wait to head out to the porch with my bible and coffee in hand. Have a blessed day, Patty

  3. Absolutely beautiful Renee.
    Your garden has been so lovely to see and I wish I could join you with coffee and Bible in hand, to discover what the Lord would have for us to learn. :o) What a sweet way to start your day. :o)
    I am envious of your 65 degree weather. We are expecting a high of 94 today...will be out washing my truck in just a little bit, before it gets too hot. :o)
    Love, Trish

  4. Oh my!!! the Queen is AMAZING! and how kind of her to give off such a sweet fragrance. Enjoy!


  5. The flowers are so beautiful, I love them... I could almost smell them through the screen. :-) Haha...

    And as for the fabric, haha, I don't even know what a pattern looks like, so it's just random fabrics that I chose. I bet a pattern would be awesome, but I don't know anything about anything so who knows if I culd read it;). I just cut squares, sew them, etc. :-) HAHA!

  6. Your garden is beautiful. My Sweet Autumn is blooming too. I love its fragrance. Where are you located in Michigan?

  7. Your garden is absolutely beautiful! Your photos went so well with your lovely written post...:)
    I took my breakfast (and Bible) out in our backyard garden yesterday. The weather was perfect! I took photos too, just did not post them (yet?). The clouds rolled in today, I welcome them, but I am glad I made a point to go outside to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful day yesterday.
    Have a blessed day!
    xoxo Gloria @}~`}~~~

  8. We palnted one of these last year on the pergola outside the back door. It is huge and just budding. Your is gorgeous and makes me anticipate the blooms on mine all the more. Mmmm, morning devotions outside sound wonderful!

  9. Love the autumn clematis. Your garden is beautiful!


  10. I've just visited someone's gardens and now I have the bug again. This is a beautiful thing; I hope I can find it in my zone.


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