Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Wee Visitor

I just got in, this morning, from surveying the gardens.  We had quite the rain last night and I wanted to see what remained of my flowers, hoping that the garden would look good for the bridal shower this weekend. I was looking at the rocks around some daisies, wondering if I should remove some of them when this "rock" caught my eye.  Small enough to sit in the palm of my hand, this darling bunny was doing it's best to stay very still and pretend that it wasn't there.  On Monday, I happened to glance out my porch window to find "Mama" bunny sitting there gazing in the porch door.  I was tempted to open the door and invite her in.  She sat there pondering me as I was pondering her.  She took a few bites of my strawberry plants and vanished into the daisies.  I am thanking the Lord today for the reminder of the beauty of His creation.



  1. Nice. We also live in a neighborhood with lots of vergetation and parks and bunnies and squirrels abound. Isn't lovely to have them around?

  2. Oh what a sweet little surprise you had.
    Our yard has had several bunnies too and they are so fun to watch!
    Hoping that you are having a nice day!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  3. Oh, what a sweet little thing. I can't believe you got so close e for a picture.
    Your garden will be beautiful for your Bridal shower. Can't wait to see the pictures.

  4. Oh so sweet....God's little creatures are so beautiful...
    except the moccasin we saw in our yard yesterday!!!!

  5. Such a sweetie! Have a sweet day, Renee. xx

  6. I just adore baby rabbits at this palm size stage. They are so cute. Of course, I love seeing the adult rabbits too. One of the great things about having a big yard is that we see so much wildlife in it and it never fails tomake me smile:>)

  7. Yes and Yes...isn't He a great God?!!!
    Reminds me of Peter Rabbit...of course I have a Benjamin who we refer to as Benjamin Bunny.
    Enjoy your shower this weekend

  8. What a cute little rabbit !!! hugs from me.....

  9. Awww...:) what a sweet surprise from God!
    Beautiful pic!

  10. Oh what a cutie, great photo! Usually when I take pictures of wildlife they dart away before I can reach for my camera!!

    Hope you've had a great week! :-)


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