Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Showers of Inspiration

I am getting ready to host a bridal shower this month.  During the preparation stage I often go to my old files for inspiration.   I will also frequent wedding sites such as Green Wedding Shoes.  I have found that Etsy offers tons of inspiration and their items can be purchased.  Following is some of the inspirational places on Etsy that I found...


Pink Cherry Mama

Tipple and Snack

Miss Pickles Press

Oxford Haven

Craft Zine

May you be inspired to go create!



  1. Don't you just love Etsy? I find it seriously tempting. I love the hankies! I am anxious to see what you do with your inspiration. I did a very fun bridal shower a year ago. It was very Vintagie. ;-)

  2. i love bridal showers! i really love those cute invites and hankies!!! how fun!

  3. Bridal showers are always so much fun. Your images are very inspiring, Renee! Have a happy day. Loved that images with the cutest blue ribbons.. xx

  4. such pretty things....I love the vintage hankies....

  5. Shat fun! I love everyhing. Lucky bride to have throwing a shower for her.

  6. I love Etsy! So many unique patterns and ideas!! Beautiful...

  7. I love old hankies. I have been collecting and using them to decorate tablecloths and such. What a beautiful selection in the picture you posted.


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