Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Secret Garden

Today I would like to share another of my favorites movies, "The Secret Garden".  As we are all waiting for our gardens to grow this spring, I encourage you to pop this movie in for inspiration.  There is something about the discovery of a garden and the joy of uncovering flowers and bringing the garden back to life that is so fulfilling.  There is a lot of suspense and drama going on with the characters and you will certainly be entertained as well.

The original book is by author, Frances Hodgson Burnett and the illustrations are by the wonderful Tasha Tudor.  This is a great book to add to your collection.  Take a stroll through the garden with me as I share some of the flowers that I'm waiting to see sprout up this spring...




Climbing Red Rose



Morning Glory

I hope your day is filled with sunshine and flowers,


  1. Thanks for the stroll through the flowers, Renee and the music is so calming. I read the Secret Garden many years ago, but haven't seen the movie. Have a blessed day. You blessed mine as always.

  2. Isn't that the most wonderful story?! I have fond memories of reading it aloud to the kids! Would love to have a garden like that, but here in the desert, it's hard to make a lush garden. Doesn't stop me from trying though. The Lord is good though and he does provide us with a blooming desert.

  3. Lovely garden. Such beautiful flowers. My children always loved the story.

  4. Your garden is so lovely! The Secret Garden was one of my favorite books growing up. It was so magical. I don't remember seeing the Hallmark movie. I'll have to be on the look out for that.:)

  5. I think we've seen every version of The Secret Garden. My girls loved it along with The Little Princess when they were growing up. Thanks for the lovely flower pictures. I miss having some of those beautiful plants, especially morning glories. I had them every year. You should see Heavenly Blues with Flying Saucers together! Flying Saucers are white with blue stripes. Such a gorgeous combination!

  6. Hi Renee...I am Gloria (visiting from Joyce's pretty blog), so nice to meet you! Your blog is very beautiful!

    I love The Secret Garden movie too! Your flowers are so pretty, thanks for sharing them with us...:)

  7. Oh Renee, I love this movie as well and the flowers are breath taking. You always have such beautiful and inspirational posts.


  8. I just did a post on my blog about a movie, too! Your flowers are wonderful. I would be thrilled to have gardens full of lavender.


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