Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Remembering My Grandmothers

I want to thank you for praying for me yesterday.  The purse class went much better than I expected.  There is still more work to be done so I will show you the finished bag after the next class.  I won't say I was without error.  I had cut some pieces wrong and had to redo a few things but at least I got two zippers in and hopefully will remember how to put the third one in next week.  If not, I have my buddy, Joyce, to help me and our instructor is wonderful.   While at class I became aware of two Featherweight machines that are available for purchase.  I got a mini education in Featherweights.  They were made between 1930 - 1960.  Singer is still making replacement parts for these machines.  The ladies were talking about how wonderful they are to sew on and how portable they are.  I'm going to sew with one the next time I go in.  Do any of you have one of these machines?  What do you think of it?  It is pulling at my heartstrings and they have lay-away...

I was walking with my daughter after the class and was pondering whether my Grandmothers might have used this machine.  The night was so pretty and though cold (mid 50's) I was enjoying the flowers. We were finding them in the most unusual places along the trail we walk and I was reminded of my Mom and how a few years back she had decided to go in search of her Grandmother's house.  She had a great many memories of spending summers on the farm and hadn't been there in many years.  When she got there, the house had been taken down and nothing remained but the daffodils that used to line the driveway.  There they were, all lined up in the field.  I thought this would make her sad, but she was actually comforted by the memories of those flowers and finding them was like finding a piece of her Grandma.

When we got home I started looking for photos of my great Grandmother, but couldn't locate any.  What I was able to find is this picture of my Grandmother, my Dad's Mom.  She is the little one on the left with the bows in her hair.  It was confirmed again that I should be a farm girl as my family were farmers.  I'm so amused by this picture.  They are covered in mud and barefoot.  Did this rascal of an animal get loose?  I would love to know the story.  I'd also like to know if there is a Featherweight sewing machine behind that door.

Be blessed today,


  1. I forgot, I'm having a give away for the first time. Come check it out!

  2. Oh those featherweights are a dream. I don't own one either, but I have heard stories... :)

  3. I have one that looks just like that except it has a cabinet that it lays down in. It's made around 1939 and according to the lady that serviced it, mine is a 3/4 not a featherweight. It is really heavy but it sews beautifully.

  4. Love the featherweight, Renee. I haven't seen these before. I have a picture of a small machine I have on my blog. I hope to get it working one day. Happy crafting, Jenny

  5. I own a Featherweight. I learned to sew on it. Mine was made in 1946. My Mother bought it as a new bride. She made all my clothes and my sisters on it. Then my Grandmother used it for 3 decades. My Granddaughter is using it now. It has a perfect stitch and is the best little workhorse that was ever made. They were made to be used hard. The only machine that was made for the owner to be able to fix on their own. If you get a chance to own one do. you will enjoy it. Chris

  6. Good Morning.
    What a sweet story. It tugs at my own heart, in my early 30's I looked for the house where I lived when my mom was still living. The owners even answered the door when I knocked and let me in. I had the strangest of feelings when I walked through the rooms that I only saw in photos. It was a huge comfort.
    There are 4 older ladies in my quilt club who own the featherweights and carry them to class each month. They love them and have had them for many years. My husband serviced 2 for them (as a favor) and found it easy to reach the parts for cleaning.
    Sincerely ~ Trish

  7. I also own a Featherweight- I sew on it lots and it is so nice to take to classes. My DH gave it to me for an anniversary gift several years ago.

  8. So glad you had a good time at your class! The antique sewing machine is a beauty. Imagine all the pretties it has helped make.:)
    PS Grandma was a cutie!

  9. I'm so happy your class went well. I don't own a featherweight, but many of the ladies I used to teach quilting to had them. You got good info about them. Depending on the price, you can't go wrong with one.
    Loved your family picture. I have a lot of my Mom's family and wish I had written more about what my Granddad told me about them.
    Have fun finishing your bag. Can't wait to see it and the fabrics you chose.

  10. My cousin was given a Featherweight, and she takes it to retreats as it is easier to lug around. It sews like a dream, and she loves it. I haven't met a person who regretted buying a used Featherweight. Hope this helps.

    Love the picture of the children!!

  11. Now that's what I call a black beauty!

    Wishing you a happy Wednesday, Renee!!


  12. I love this touching story about your mom (& grandmother), very sweet!

    When my mom and I visited my sister last year she bought my sister a sewing machine (that looked similar to this one) for her birthday. It still had all the original attachments, and manual...all in the wooden desk it came in! It is very beautiful!! I took a picture of my mom with it...:)


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