Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March, in like a lion...

I noticed that many of your blogs have pictures of beautiful spring flowers like these.  Blogging makes all of you seem so much closer in proximity than what you really are.  The reality of my world is that outside my window, it looks like this...

I was very jealous happy for Beverly to see how full and beautiful her magnolia tree is and realized that mine is a brown stick in the ground and will remain so for the next couple of months.  Isn't it amazing how we blog to each other, feeling like we're sitting in the same room and yet it would take us days by car or hours by plane just to be able to visit each other.  I love how blogging brings us together from all over the globe.

I would like to thank Mary of Neat and Tidy for giving me these awards.  So very kind!  I am still pondering her post "The Jesus Follower Sign".  Read it when you get a chance, it's very convicting.

Wishing you sunshine and flowers in your corner of the world today,


  1. I vote for the Spring Flowers!!! It is March 2! The Hope of Spring is ever growing in my heart!!!

    Isn't it sad when we get excited about it being 39 degrees out. HEATWAVE!
    So OVER it!
    (I think that I need an attitude adjustment.)
    Ha Ha

  2. I'm wishing you sunshine to brighten your day. I do know there are lots of you who are still covered in snow. An unusual year here for weather though. Just heard a prediction of rain for the next 10 days. I just thank the Lord I can sit at my sewing machine and sew,sew,sew.


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