Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stay Awhile

I wish you were here and we could share some coffee or tea and eat something yummy and just chat about random things like friends do when they're together.  I'm going to picture that as I write to you today.  This weekend I was cleaning out a closet and discovered the vintage dress I had purchased for my daughter awhile back.  It's the perfect Easter dress for my mannequin.  Now all she needs is a hat!

I picked up some adorable baby chicks at JoAnn's Fabrics the other day.  The perfect companions for my swan.  I decorate this vintage mirror with the swan for the seasons.  What you can't see from the picture is that the swan is covered in glitter, oh so pretty.

Over the weekend I put the binding on this quilt that I made for my dining room table this past  Christmas.  My table is 96 inches long and I started smiling thinking about the person that will find this in a flea market someday and think how oddly the bed must have been shaped.  I have been quilting for many years but continually amaze myself at how I don't remember important quilting facts.  I don't prewash my fabrics.  I like the sizing in the material.  I can't stand washing, drying, and ironing the dickens out of fabric to get it like new again.  But, in this case, when you are making a table quilt to the exact specifications of the table, it's important.  Obviously cotton fabric shrinks and thus the quilt is smaller than I would have liked but in the end, no one will notice but me (and you when you come to visit...)

The Amish put mistakes in their quilts on purpose.  They do this because only God is perfect.  Of course I agree with the reasoning but I never have to purposely put a mistake in my quilts, they get there on their own.  I used up a lot of material in my stash and was tickled to tears about it.  I will put it away for next Christmas and look forward to the joy it will bring me when I pull it out again.

Before you go today, come take a walk with me to the garden.  Look what I found!  A crocus survived the snow on Saturday.  Hope does spring eternal!

Be blessed,


  1. Oh Renee, I would love to sit and have a cup of coffee with you and chat. Your mannequin is ready for the Easter Parade, and you are right, she just needs her bonnet.
    Love your wallpaper. I am a wallpaper fan and am excited that is is popular again. My DIL needs to see your dining room. Your quilt is beautiful. Isn't it great to have something finished to just pull out and use next Christmas. You do have a long table.
    The swan and baby chicks are adorable. Will have to check out Joanns later this.
    Thanks for sharing some of your Easter and Spring decorating. Your garden is soon to follow. Enjoyed my visit with you in your lovely home and garden.

  2. renee!

    you have so many things to show us today
    that i don't evenknow where to start!

    the quilt! is absolutely beautiful!!

    i have a thing for swans too, after reading
    "the trumpet of the swan.'

    such sweet little chicks.

    speaking of chicks, i have three of them
    come home this weekend. yippee!

  3. WOW this is the best post I've ever read on a blog! I love it!! Every part of it. That dress is beautiful! Your quilt is amazing!! You are so talented. And wow that picture of the gorgeous, colorful flower is so perfect. Your post totally made my day :) I hope you have a blessed rest of your day as well!

  4. I love your dressed-up mannequin, all ready for Easter! Your quilt for the table is really nice, too, with such a neat variety of reds in the background. Happy Spring, Happy Easter- He is risen, indeed!
    :-} pokey

  5. Beautiful things.
    I'm especially fond of the crocus!


  6. I don't know where to start Renee....all of the photos are lovely! Don't forget the shoes....lol! Enjoy your week, Jenny

  7. that dress is gorgeous and i love the quilted tablecloth! i got you as my partner for the magnet swap! i promise i will post it next week!

  8. I love your comment that the mistakes find their own way into your quilts! I may have to use that sometime :D


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