Friday, February 12, 2010


My friend, Sally, of Salakazoo's makes the most incredible things out of recycled wool sweaters.  She was doing it a long time before it became immensely popular.  She made me this beautiful pillow for my birthday last month.
This little flower she put on the back hides her tag.  Is that cute or what?  Every year I put my request in for a handmade birthday present from her.  So far, she hasn't turned me down yet!
This scrumptious bag was last years birthday surprise.  I always get a lot of compliments whenever I use it.  She has such a great way of blending colors and textures.  I''m amazed at her creativity.
She has done more than one pair of mittens for me.  Currently she is working (right Sally?) on mittens in my sons college colors for me (I'm so bad).  My daughter and I share these, her high school colors are orange and brown, ugly cheerful colors that they are!  I had so many people coming up to me that Sally could have sold a pair to about 100 people during football season.  I am truly blessed to be around so many creative women and so many creative bloggers.  It certainly is a blast to sit down at the computer and see what you all have dreamed up for me to enjoy.  Thank you!



  1. Good Morning Renee,
    Your pillow is absolutely adorable. How sweet of your friend to create such lovely things for you, on your birthday. :o)
    I have several sweaters tucked away just waiting to become something pretty, but I just don't know how to do it. :o)
    Hoping that your day is a wonderful one.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  2. Those are so cute. I love the mittens.

  3. Oh Renee, I have missed so many of your posts.
    I have to play catch up. ( time.)
    I loved the things your friend made for you. Especially the pillow from a sweater (need to do that one)
    What a cute Valentines quilt. I just used my red and white one, but love the little Valentines on yours.
    Again, sorry I missed the "Sunshine Award" and again...thank you so much. It made me feel so special.

  4. Renee,

    Oh My Gosh,
    Thanks for putting my stuff on your blog.
    I am glad you like your gifts. You always inspire me to try new things.

    Love you, Sally


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