Friday, February 5, 2010

My Laundry Room

I had a successful day yesterday, I finished both t-shirt quilts and got them off to the quilter.  All the journal covers are made, whoo whee, I'm a bit tired today.  I'm itching for a new project and I thought if I showed you my tiny laundry room you might talk me out of redoing it and if I saw the pictures, I might think twice too.  I found the picket fence on one of my flea market trips, loved how it gave that space above the window some texture.
When we moved in almost seven years ago, I took down the dark cabinets from the walls and put the white shelving up.  Then I went about filling it with laundry and garden goodies as well as a little kittie that followed me home.
The dryer sits right below this shelf.  I can't decide if I need to go lighter in paint color, maybe a pretty blue?  My family has vetoed yellow since we have a lot of it.  Yellow says happy to me, that's why I immediately go there.
My friend, Diane, found this needlework picture for $2.00.  So glad she asked me if I wanted it.  Someone worked on it for a long time.  I just love it.

My garden angel has followed me through the last few moves.  She's starting to look a little worn out, bless her heart.  I just don't know.  Do I redo or leave as is?  I certainly have enough quilting UFO's to last me a few years months.  Tell me what you would like to redo in your home?

Be blessed today,


  1. Oh my! I missed a few posts.
    Your journal covers are so sweet. The girls will love them.
    Loved learning a little more about you. Ballet and are a multi talented lady.
    Your laundry room looks great, but a soft blue would be nice if you decide to paint. Your white shelves would look great on blue.
    I still need to do my Master bed and bath, but with the economy as it is it may be awhile.
    I'm just itching for nicer weather so I can get outside and work on the patio and front flower beds.

  2. As Paul, Jerry, Taylor and Seth would say-
    GO BLUE!
    O.K. I know it's not that kind of blue. :)
    I think that a light blue laundry room would be beautiful!
    You just can't stop yourself, can you friend?

  3. Hello! I LOVE the little fence and the tools at the end of the curtain rods!! Wonderful! Your room is nice just as it is, but if you want a change, how about glazing or sponging a shade darker or lighter over what you have? If you go blue-how about a patina blue that would match the little tools?

    I also can't wait to get digging outside! I have a very old farmhouse that's in very good condition ('Cept it needs painting), but I sure would love a stone fireplace in my kitchen that I could cook in, and vaulted ceilings with a deck that opens out to a beautiful stream...well, guess I could go on here...But I'm thankful-SO thankful! for what I have!
    Love, Debra

  4. I like your laundry room, but where is the pile of dirty clothes? I like it as is, but a pale blue would be pretty too.

    I'm currently redoing our 2 baths and laundry room. My laundry room is fairly rustic and utilitarian, not too much space for many pretties.



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