Saturday, February 6, 2010

From Sur La Table

It is a frigid 23 degrees here today.  The kind of cold that makes you catch your breath because your body is in a state of shock.  But the sun is shining and that is a huge blessing after days and days of gray skies.  So, I'm firing up this little beauty I purchased at Sur La Table last weekend while on my ladies retreat.  I've never owned a tea kettle and like the cheery whistle that it makes.  Could not pass up the pink for sure.  Here are some other items I did not buy but loved:
This is an ice mold that makes diamond shaped ice,
how cool is that?

Love this color!

This mix is delicious!  Good to have in a pinch!

My one regret!

Very fun colors!

Need a new carafe, but didn't want the $40 tag...

Have a fun Saturday doing something you love!

With joy,


  1. You can still purchase any of these items on line!

  2. What a sweet tea pot.
    The whistle always makes me smile.
    :o) Trish

  3. I've always wanted a whistling tea pot even though I don't drink tea (but could use it for hot cocoa and stuff). Very pretty indeed!

  4. I've so enjoyed reading more about you. My report card always said I talked too much as well. LOL Loved the journal covers and may just have to buy that ironing board cover pattern too!

    Smiles, Lea


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