Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Sunny Sunday

The sun is shining today. You know you've been without it for a while when you run outside to stand in it before it goes away again. I know this little guy was happy to be having lunch on his porch. The sunshine reminds me that God is still working through all the sunless and snowy days, preparing the earth for the glorious arrival of spring. I discovered one of my foxglove plants half tucked under snow, sprouting some green, reaching for the sun. I hope you are having a restful Sunday!

Be blessed,


  1. When we lived in South Carolina I tried to describe to my friends our lack of sunshine in Michigan and told them the same thing "we run outside and stand in it before it's gone". They all thought I was crazy. :)

  2. We will take any little bit we can get! We haven't had any mentionable sunshine for several weeks now. We have a lot of fog this time of the year. I was looking at the weather report this morning and we are having rain for the next 7 days! :(

  3. Sue, I sure am learning alot about the west coast from all of you wonderful bloggers. Us Michiganders often think that it's sunny and warm all the time in CA. Seems we share the same weather but without the snow!

    Tori, I think the sun we stood in today is all we're gonna get this week.


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